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Kalan and Koottu Curry
Kalan – a thick yogurt preparation. Kottu Curry – yam with small black chana and coconut 

Inji curry/ Inji puli
Ginger fried and cooked with tamarind and chillies

Fruit Pachadi
Papaya and grapes cooked with jaggery and topped off with yogurt and coconut

Erisseri – Chena and Mathan Van-payar
A yam based recipe with coconut and roasted coconut to garnish

Daal/Parippu Curry 
Kerala style preparation of daal. 

Cabbage Thoran and Carrot Thoran 
Simple Kerala style coconut based side dishes 

Beans Thoran, Beetroot Thoran, Beetroot Kichadi
A coconut based side dish prepared with beans and beet. And a yogurt based beetroot kichadi

Avial, Ada Pradhaman, Achinga Payar& Chena Mezhukkupiratti
A mixed vegetable preparation (avial) and yardlong beans cooked with yam 

Mathan Erisseri
Pumkin with black eyed(or red) beans and garnished with roasted coconut

Manga Chammandi
A very thick chutney kind of condiment made with raw mangoes and coconut

Gongura Pachadi
A traditional Andhra dish with red sorrel leaves

Kerala Green Peas Masala
A coconut milk based green peas curry

Bhindi Masala and Dal Fry
Okra cooked in spices and a recipe for the basic dal fry

Vatha Kuzhambu, Snake gourd porial
A classic dish from Tamil Nadu, a tangy, spicy preparation

Vegetable Au Gratin
Vegetables in white sauce

Poricha Koottu
A mixed vegetable preparation with a bit of coconut and dal

Fresh Garlic Chutney and Tri Daali Dal
A chutney with fresh garlic and dal with three different lentils and fresh garlic

Mixed Beans Vegetable Chili
Lots of pulses in this vegetarian version of Chili! 

Aloo Gobi Mattar
Potatoes, cauliflower and peas cooked together in this side dish for Chapati

Vazhakka Pulisseri
Raw bananas cooked in tangy yogurt and coconut based curry

Vegetable Manchurian
Hakka Noodles, Spring rolls and Vegetable Manchurian, a Chinese meal

Brinjal Dates Pachadi 
A sweet tangy spicy pachadi with dates, brinjal, chillies and coconut

Parippu Urundai Sambar
Steamed lentil balls in a spicy gravy curry

Lahsooni Kadhi & Begun Bhaja
Yogurt based garlic flavored kadhi and Eggplant fry

Aloo Bhaja
Potato fry as a side dish for rice

Dal Makhni
A simple dal preparation

Ulli Theeyal
Onions cooked with roasted cococnut and tamarind

Spicy Mutta Curry
The perfect side dish for Appam, puttu and idiappam

Quick Capsicum Curry
Capsicum curry with gram flour and served with lemon juice for a tangy taste

Short, sweet and spicy
A 30 minute meal, with pepper rasam and carrot & beans palya (side dishes)

Mango Chutney
Sweet, sour, spicy – everything in a bottle

Sweetened Mango puree, which makes a great side dish for Puris and Chapatis

An easy mango pickle, perfect for curd rice

Gobi Manchurian
The ever popular Indo Chinese dish

Everyday Thali
Day to day preparation, Tamil Nadu Style cooking

Bengali Thali
Bengali dishes in a plate

Gujarati Thali
Dishes from Gujarat featured in this Thali

Punjabi Thali
Thali prepared with dishes from Punjab

More dishes than you can handle, in a plate. The Kerala traditional feast.

Tiffin Sambar
A sambar to spice the idlis up

Ridgegourd Chutney
A healthy chutney, made with ridge gourd

Dali Thoy
A dal preparation, Konkani way

Tomato Pachadi
A sweet tomato pachadi/jam, served in small quantities during feasts

Potato and Green Gram Dal
Green chillies, ginger and garlic bring out the flavor in this wonderful dal. 

Baingan Bharta
A spicy and tasty side dish with roasted & mashed eggplant 

Potatoes and Phone Calls
Potatoes and mashed moong dal cooked with coconut paste. Perfect for Dosa and Idli!

Hot, Sweet and Sour Vacations
Potato wedges topped with hot and sweet tomato sauce

Memories and Moru Curries
A simple yogurt preparation that goes perfect with rice and spicy potato curry

Potato Po-tah-to
Potatoes coated with an onion masala paste and then cooked in MW

Mild Soya Nugget Curry
Soya Chunks soaked in hot milk and cooked with green peas

Mixed Vegetable Curry
Mixed Vegetables in Tomato based thick gravy

Sweet, Sour and Spicy
A sweet and sour tamarind chutney

Tawa Sabzi
Medley of vegetables marinated and served with a tomato sauce on a tawa

Thai Massaman Curry
Assorted vegetables cooked in coconut milk and served with steamed white rice

Tofu in Szechuan Sauce
Diced Tofu in an easy szechuan sauce, served over steamed or vegetable rice

Comfort in a bowl – Dal Dhokli
Lentils with wholewheat flour dumplings, served as such or over plain rice

Aloo Palak
Spinach and Potatoes cooked together in Microwave

Kadai Paneer
Paneer in a tomato based gravy, perfect for chapatis and parathas

Popeye the Sailor Man
Puli Keerai Masial – Spinach cooked with coconut and tamarind, South Indian

Eddoe Roast
Cheppankizhangu/Taro root roast

Lady’s ‘Figure’ Kichadi
Crunchy ladies Finger in coconut and yogurt gravy, South Indian preparation

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