Black Forest Cake, Indian style

Blogging Marathon #120 Week 3, Day 2
Theme : A to Z series, Something sweet

Black Forest Cake, Indian style for the letter B. This is one cake I have made many times but never got around taking a good picture. I also follow so many different methods for this so there is no one single way of making this.

For the recipe here, I have gone with Hershey’s Perfectly chocolate cake recipe. The cake is delicate with this recipe, so you have to be extra careful here. I usually just level the cake and use it as such to avoid breaking the cake layers. So it’s a two layer cake and not four with this recipe.

I use bottled/tinned cherries in syrup for this. But I have used fresh cherries and even canned cherry cake filling too couple of times. I just go with whatever I can find at the time of making the cake.

A simple chocolate collar makes the cake look so much better looking and the design here is inspired from Gayathri’s Cook spot. You can check out her video on how to assemble the cake.



  1. I like to bake the cake a day ahead. I usually bake in the evening and cover it twice in cling wrap once it’s cooled and return it back to the same pan. This is one way to ensure that the cake has really cooled down when you start assembling/decorating.
  2. Hershey’s chocolate cake is very delicate so be extra careful when adding the syrup.
  3. Keep a few good cherries aside for decorating the cake.
  4. To assemble the cake, level the cakes. Attach the base layer to a cake board using some whipped cream. Sprinkle syrup from the canned cherries on the cake layer. Spread about one cup of frosting and top with some chopped cherries. I usually eyeball the amount of cherries here.
  5. Cover this with the second layer of cake. Again, sprinkle the cherry syrup. Do a crumb coat with whipped cream and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Apply whipped cream to cover the cake and decorate with cherries and chocolate shavings. A chocolate lace collar is a great way to make the cake look beautiful.

8 thoughts on “Black Forest Cake, Indian style

  1. Wow! fantastic blog! No can be the best than black forest cake in indin style. I love to eat black forest cake. Thanks you so much to share this amazing blog. You efforts are so precious. chocolate lace collar is looking so tempting and beautiful. Keep posting like this one, i definitely try this at my home.


  2. Such a gorgeous looking black forest cake. I always love the homemade ones as store-bought ones will have too much cream. Beautiful presentation and I love your table too.


  3. My favorite cake! Love the Indian versions and what I like about the homemade version is we can adjust the amount of whipped cream that goes on the cake! although it tastes good with lot of cream.


  4. Such a gorgeous cake rajani! Like others it is the first cake i ever made! Love the beautiful chocolate collar and the bulby cherries on top make it all the more decadent!


  5. Beautiful! The cake looks lovely and perfectly done. Like Valli, even my first cake ever was Black Forest. I remember I baked it in a round electric oven and everyone loved it.
    Throwback of beautiful nostalgic memories.


  6. Such a beautiful cake Rajani. We love black forest cake and it is the first cake I made when I started this journey, so it is so special for me..:)…your frosting and everything looks so fantastic. I am so loving this theme, off to check the previous ones…


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