Hello world!



I have been away too long, haven’t I?

I hear you and I agree as well! It’s been long long break. But thing is, you see, I have been working on some really big, secret things that need to be done to save the world from hunger, poverty and war. Kinda like what James Bond does.

If that was true, that would be one cool blanket excuse for everything. But unfortunately, it isn’t and I haven’t been doing anything special. It’s just been about taking each day as it comes. Looking at the sun shine every morning and wondering at the sun set. Well, you would wonder too if the sun sets by 5 PM.

I know I didn’t give a goodbye kiss to 2014 as it sailed past by nor gave a welcome hug to 2015 to make it a bit more warmer. But the good thing is that, behind the scenes, I didn’t miss any of the personal milestones.

Our marriage completed 10 solid years (thank you, but the credit goes to the man than me :D). My son turned 8 just after Christmas and my man turned…errrrrr….an year older just before New Year. All these were celebrated with love, laughter and cake, of course.

I am opening the first blog of this year with a salute to 2014. And some cakes to sweeten it up!


An egg less vanilla cake with fresh cream frosting. Decorated with Hershey’s chocolate syrup, chocolate and butterscotch chips and grated chocolate on top. The man and his close friend cut into this as they turned a year older together.


This is my standard to-go chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. It has picnic food on top made using ready-made fondant. The sides are covered with chocolate biscuits. Yum!


The cake traveled all the way to the Central park in New York. That’s where my son celebrated his birthday.


Sometimes there are too many coincidences in life. My man and his close friend were born on the same day. The friend’s wedding was the day after ours. And now, so many years later, we live just a kilometer away from them and our kids are going to the same school. Coincidences, huh!!!

And the ombre cake was the way they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.


Now this cake is special. It was made to celebrate 10 years of our being together. I made the cake, but my neighbor who is a professional cake decorator, decorated it for me. I was sitting next to her, watching as she worked, admiring the effort she put into it and the perfection she was looking for.

The cake is an egg less chocolate cake, decorated with butter cream icing.

The day was just wonderful! I still can’t believe that we have been married for a decade now :-).


My hibernation is over and I hope I will be more in action here from now on.

Stay happy and stay warm..See you all soon!


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