Baby Shower for Sapana


I am joining my Blogging Marathon friends for a virtual baby shower for a BM blogger buddy, Sapana.

Sapana is expecting a new addition to her family and we all decided to throw her a surprise party online from various corners of the world.

The plan was to select a recipe from her space and cook, click and present it back to Sapana to enjoy.


I wanted a cake… cakes are the best way to celebrate any occasion. This is my version of her Black Forest recipe. Mine doesn’t quite qualify as black forest, since I was not able to get cherries for the cake on time :D.

I didn’t bother much since it was made with love and good intentions, though definitely short on cherries :D!!

The best part about the cake is that my son made the cake. I took care of the decoration (for which he sulked for sometime, but later he decided he wasn’t interested anyway!), but the cake was made from scratch by kiddo. That makes it all the more special :-)


Since that feeling of a complete replication of the recipe was not there, I made one more cake from her space. An eggless fruit cake, this time. This one had mixed fruits and (almost) everything that the recipe called. So it indeed is a fruit cake :-).

I will be putting a separate post for the recipes. Scroll down for more pictures and join me in wishing Sapana a whole world of happiness as she is getting ready for her big day :-).


Click the linky tool to see who else is participating.


13 thoughts on “Baby Shower for Sapana

  1. All that matters is the thought! Kudos to the little guy for baking such a delicious cake! Nice decoration although the cherries are missing. Even the fruit cake looks yummy


  2. It’s wonderful to know your son baked that cake!..awesome job..and you made another one! look a stunner..what a way to celebrate!..we are surely missing you in join us soon..


  3. Stunner of a cake ! N ur son made it ??!!! Way to go Rajani ..

    We know u r busy packing, but wish to see more of u in d BM !


  4. your photos are amazing – we have been missing you in BM – can’t wait until you get settled at your new place so we can enjoy your posts again. Cake looks amazing and it was a perfect photo as a centerpiece to the collage. Again, looking forward to meeting you in person. Happy packing!!!


  5. OMG..Rajani you are too my..two cakes!.ok..1 is made by kiddo..he must be getting inspired by mom like son:))..i am flattered..both the cakes look awesome:))


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