Daal – Parippu Curry – Sadya Recipes

parippu curry - daal

I was stumbled for the letter ‘D’. I didn’t know many recipes which will fit into the ‘Sadya Recipes’ theme as well. An option was drumstick sambar, but then the sambar for sadya would have many vegetables and not just drumsticks alone.

So finally, I compromised on parippu or parippu curry and decided to call it ‘daal’. Cheating, I know…but please bear it :D. And tell me if you know recipes with D as the starting letter, I have given up!

A dal or parippu is a must for a Sadya. I will talk about how a sadya is served and the sequence in which items are served (again, keep in mind this changes from place to place and from community to community). Daal is the first course to have with rice. It is served with ghee. The aroma of melted ghee over hot rice and dal is really a great way to start a meal.

It’s a must when preparing for weddings and feasts, but I skip it when making at home since there aren’t many takers for it.


Parippu / Parippu Curry/ Dal:

‘This and That’ info:

  • The varieties of dal served is different in different places and so is the method of preparation.
  • The common thing is that the daal is cooked with turmeric powder and served with ghee as the first course.
  • In Palakkad Iyer community (Brahmins), cooked toor dal (pigeon pea lentils)is served.
  • In some parts of Kerala,  dal means moong dal to which a little ghee is added. Ghee is given at the time of serving as well. Tempering is not done.
  • In some other parts, coconut ground with chillies are added to moong dal. Some people temper this with mustard seeds and red chillies, but some don’t. This is the recipe that I am sharing now.


  • Moong dal               :             1/2 cup
  • Turmeric powder :           1/4 tsp
  • Ghee                          :              2 tsp

To grind:

  • Coconut                         :  1/4 cup
  • Green Chillies             : 1-2
  • Cumin (Jeera)            :  1/2 tsp

A pod of garlic or two are ground as well, some people skip it when making for Sadya.


  1. Dry roast the moong for a couple of minutes until it changes color. Stir continuously to  avoid burning.
  2. Once its slightly brown, take off the kadai and wash and cook with turmeric powder and about 1.5 cups of water. I use a pressure cooker for this.
  3. Grind the coconut with chillies, cumin and garlic (if using) to a fine paste, adding water as required.
  4. Once the dal is cooked (about three whistles in a pressure cooker) and the pressure is released, transfer it to a kadai and bring it to a boil. Add the coconut paste, salt and let it cook for 4-5 minutes. You can add more water if the parippu is thick.
  5. Add a spoon or two of ghee and mix. Snip 4-5 curry leaves and add to the dal. Done!
  6. Some people temper with mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chillies as well.


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23 thoughts on “Daal – Parippu Curry – Sadya Recipes

  1. This looks delicious , I had a superb dhal curry at the Blue Elephant restaurant in Sydney and have been trying to find this recipe for ages , the one they make has Cauliflower , onion , and is seriously delicious , I am looking forward to trying this recipe , Thankyou , Fiona .


  2. Rajanii this is not called cheating its called mingling of 2 cultures effortlessly :D!
    I love this dal. In Goa something similar is made but with toor day and they use ginger and not garlic, as dal is made on the days they are shivrak that is veg. I love the addition of garlic. If i cook today, (which I hope I do not) my day is this one. Thanks.


  3. I would love to have this dal with a little ghee. In our culture, on festive days, the first thing served after salt is a dollop of thick dhal-just cooked and not seasoned,It tastes heavenly with teamed rice and ghee


  4. ha ha.. when you started this and said all alphabets with Kerala theme, I was wondering how you will find things that fit the bill.. am curiously waiting.. great effort.. wishing you a wonderful Onam Rajani!

    And yes, evne I can;t think of another D. This is just perfect


  5. I am all for your cheating rajani, this is a lovely dish. Esp the changed one. In our regular thali, the plain cooked toor dal is served. Never heard about moong dal being used, very nice and esp with that extra spice this would surely become a stand alone dish on it’s own than just a starting to a bigger meal…Very lovely pictures.


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