Owl Cupcakes and A month long marathon!

owl cupcake
My weight bothers me a lot. It bothers my family even more. I am the only one from both my parent’s side as well my husband’s, who is almost clinically obese (just a few decimals away).

I start every single day with a resolution to control what I eat. And every single night I tell myself,”from tomorrow for sure!”

In short, I am not very proud of myself in this matter.

But, the feeling is totally different when you set about something and you meet your goal successfully. The goal for April was to blog continuously for thirty days as part of Blogging Marathon. And all of us did that, successfully.

I have thirty recipes for the month of april and I am as proud as a peacock showing off. Congratulations to everyone who participated and completed this task. And a special thanks to Valli for setting about doable themes, unending patience and putting all the effort to keep the group motivated. In fact, we are actually taking her support and enthusiasm as granted by now :-)

Check out the Blogging Marathon page to know who and all participated.

easy pancakes
For me, personally, this 30 day marathon wasn’t that scary, because by April, I had about 35 recipes in my drafts section. So i was done even before BM started! Except for very few recipes (for matching the theme), I hardly made anything specific for BM 27.

And these recipes accumulate over a period of months. Like this post, for instance. I had to skip a BM for some reason, though the posts were done. It was for a Kids Delight theme of Cooking From storybook (hosted by Archana).

I had made an easy to make Owl cupcakes from Winnie the Pooh theme, a pancake from the book Eddie likes to Eat and a stuffed Empanada recipe (basically bread) from the book Little Red Hen.

Currimbhoy's Shopping
I posted the pancake recipe a couple of days back. The bread recipe got posted long time back, but the owl cupcakes are still there in the drafts section. Hubby told it doesn’t resemble an owl in any possible way, so I was hesitant.

Anyway, I had ready-made cupcakes for the base. Oreo or any chocolate cream biscuit for eyes and chocolate chips for eyeballs and nose.

The above picture of glasses and cookie cutters and bowls are from a shopping spree at currimbhoys Adyar branch. The entire stuff cost me about 1000/- rupees (20 USD, approx.) and I had about 15 single items to show for it.

Anyway, let me close the last post of BM 27 on a big note : Thank You Everyone!

Vegetable Empanada


14 thoughts on “Owl Cupcakes and A month long marathon!

  1. As Valli mentioned they do resemble like owls and your glassware collection looks awesome! Enjoyed the marathon with you Rajni.. SUper!


  2. Such a beautiful creation dear…. and dont worry much for ur weight, change ur cooking oil to olive oil dear…. for better result u can take a spoonfull of oil a day… olive oil burns the yellow fat and excess unwanted things in body.,.. it wlrked out for me… I was strugling to reduce my weight after pregnany weight, with in a week I find changes in my body… I just take a tsp of oil per day….


  3. oh, I love these cute ullus…:))..and love that shopping of yours:)..a real good deal
    it was wonderful running the marathon with you..destreesing and smiling with your write ups.LOL


  4. Those owls looks super duper cute. Table full of props for $20, I wish I could buy them here for that cost. It was fun running the marathon with you Rajani.


  5. You know what, I tried to make frosted bunnies which turned into a bird according to me. My family guessed it could be anywhere between a pig, dog and what not.
    They look cute Rajani. If your husband doesn’t agree them to be owls, then tell him that they are teddies with goggles. :) No offense. :)))


  6. First you are not a weighty person. I know there is no word like weighty but it coveys what I want to say. I love all your posts and in case u had not mentioned it we would have never known. You are making me jealous with all your beautiful shopping there are atleast 4 glasses that I want.

    Coming to your posts today love the cupcakes. They are absolutely delicious looking owls.


  7. Those owl cupcakes looks damn cute and looks exactly like owls..I have seen u in some pictures, and you looks good Rajani,dunno y u think as though.Dont think like this way Rajani..

    Congrats to you too,you have done a beautiful marathon dear.


  8. This is so adorable. Very proud of you Rajani for making it through 30 recipes. :) Looking forward to more awesome stuff from you. Love forever.


  9. Wow Rajani, those owls surely look like owls to me. Brilliant assembling I must say! Coming to your weight, I am not sure how you even think this way. Maybe it’s a case of relative comparison. Maybe we must meet more often to get your leave your fixation on your weight. Of course after meeting your hubby I can say you were couple of pounds extra, but that’s no way can be equaled to obese!

    It’s been a fantastic show from you, even though you said you had all the posts ready, it still was a wonderful effort to entertain us in the way best attributed to you..:)..I have really enjoyed reading all your anecdotes. After spending three days with you, I know I would surely want your attitude on life to be rubbed on me..:)..thanks again.


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