Butterbeer Latte

Being an ardent Harry Potter fan, I expected a lot from the Harry Potter recipes too. Though I won’t say this latte was bad, it was quite different from what I expected. Kiddo loved it, hubby found it sweet and I found it messy to be clicked :)

This is the second recipe under the theme Storybook Recipes for Blogging Marathon. Check out the other participants here in the Blogging Marathon page.

You can check out here for the original recipe.

This recipe is off to Srivalli’s Kid’s DelightCooking From storybook hosted by Archana


13 thoughts on “Butterbeer Latte

  1. oohh,.. a must try… when we were in warner studio this summer, thay were selling it. but i thought it had a fizz to it (dont like fizzy drinks). so did not buy it. feel bad now. should have tried.. anyways, now i can make it myslef


    1. You make the caramel with the butter and sugar, and then go on to add the milk. So the taste of butter doesn’t stand out, but you can see an yellowish layer on top if it sits for sometime. The latte tasted sweet and nice.


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