Tomato Pachadi

It was one of my friend’s Wedding Anniversary last week. I wished him on his big day. Ten minutes later his reply arrived.

Single liner which read : ‘Oh! Is it today?’

Ouch. Now I was concerned. He is not perfect, but he still deserves a better fate than being shredded into a thousand tiny-tiny pieces – which, I am sure, is what awaits any husband if they forget the wife’s birthday or the wedding anniversary.

Worried, I started mailing him – Was he fine? Was he still alive? Pat came the reply : ‘Its OK. We both forgot!’

Ah Man! What a lucky escape! But thinking over, that is what you call : A Match Made in Heaven.

Like this Pachadi and unbelievably soft Sweet Potato chapatis (will post the recipe tomm.), a match made in heaven, just for kids.

I am a big fan of sweet pachadi. I came across this recipe in Jeyashri’s Kitchen. The bright and shiny picture immediately caught my attention. This is typically served for weddings and feasts in very small quantities.


  • Tomatoes                      :              4, chopped
  • Sugar                               :              1/4 – 1/2 cup (taste and adjust)
  • Water                              :              1/4 cup
  • Ghee                                :              1 tbsp
  • Dates                               :              3- 4
  • Raisins & Cashews     :               1 tbsp


  1. Add the sugar, water and chopped tomato pieces in a thick bottomed vessel and keep mixing in a medium low fire.
  2. Keep stirring continuously till it reaches the semi solid jam/pachadi state (10 – 15 min for me).
  3. Heat ghee in a separate pan, add chopped dates, raisins and chopped cashews.
  4. Add to the pachadi, mix. Serve with rice or chapati.
  5. Note : I over cooked it a bit, if you look at the original recipe, it is much more glossy and shiny. Also, I would blanch the tomatoes next time.

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26 thoughts on “Tomato Pachadi

  1. I was searching this recipe. My grandmom used to make it like a jam by cooking it long time with sugar syrup. It will be nice for many months


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