Veg Lasagna

Sleeplessness is finally catching up with me, with laziness and clumsiness in a close second place. My big plans to make lasagna, pizza, calzone and Christmas cakes have been shoved aside unceremoniously.

I did make an excellent Pumpkin – Banana fudge and a quick microwave cake in between, but there was hardly anything left to click after the initial tasting session.

So, here is a click of lasagna, our ‘Friday special’ for a long time, till we exhausted the lasagna sheets. I did try making the sheets at home, but it was too much of work and so stopped making them, and automatically lasagna too, at home.

There is no specific recipe for this. I just start with an onion tomato base, flavored with ginger garlic paste, italian seasoning and chilli flakes. I usually grind the base into a puree, bring it back to a boil and then proceed to add a lot of chopped vegetables – carrots, beans, capsicum, cauliflower, mushrooms (any veggie in the fridge) and cook till its all done. I keep tasting and adjusting the seasonings as I cook.

Once the tomato based sauce is done, you need to make the white sauce – a combination of milk, all purpose flour and butter, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Once the white sauce is done, you need to layer the lasagna, starting with red sauce, white sauce, lasagna sheet and it has to be repeated for 2-3 times. The topmost layer has to be white sauce, topped with grated cheese.

Baking until the cheese starts to melt and serve hot with garlic bread and coke!

You can check out here for a detailed recipe.

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