Long post! You have been warned.

It was this day, 30 years back, my celebrity status as the ‘youngest child at home’ was snatched away. My younger brother was born.

Not only was he youngest at home, he was the youngest grandchild from both my parents’ side. He was this bald, beautiful, cutest little thing wrapped up in blankets.

My first memory of him, was mom bringing him home from the hospital. I was at home to welcome them. I remember standing at door, blocking the door with my hands and legs (as much as I could – I was only four then), and asking mom sweetly to leave the baby outside and come inside the home.

I tried telling my parents that I was happy with the brother I already had (I have an older brother) and that I don’t need another one, but my parents insisted on keeping him. And since I didn’t have much choice in the matter, we three grew up together.

Being the youngest at home, he received a lot of attention at home. I did my best to keep him in check, but then my father always backed my younger brother (Sigh…). We never realized that he was growing up, you just don’t – cause the youngest is always the youngest!

When he was around 5 years old, my father took the three of us to the fair. There was this train ride, for kids. My brother wanted to ride them. I told him it was for smaller kids. Still he wanted to go and my father let him. We were the first and so waited for the ride to start. The other seats started filling in. Babies. All of them. Babies!

So brother took the ride with some 5-6 other babies of 2-3 years old. He was looking like a giant among them. He was embarrassed and furious, because me and my older brother were howling with laughter every time the train moved past us. The sweet memory still lingers….haaa….

Now, unbelievable as it may seem, 30 years have gone by since my mom refused to throw the baby outside for my sake. And my brother is still the youngest, plump, bald little cute thing. Happy Birthday!

Sadya: You can read more about Sadya here.

  • Vegetable Side dishes
    • Cucumber Kichadi : Cucumber chopped fine and added to coconut paste and yogurt
    • Mango Pachadi : Ripe mango cooked with jaggery and tempered with red chilies
    • Cabbage Thoran : Cabbage chopped fine and cooked with coconut 
    • Potato Fry : Potatoes spiced with chilli powder(This is not a usual dish)
    • Avial   : Mixed Vegetables, cooked in a coconut paste
    • Kootu : Pumpkin cubes cooked with chana dal in coconut gravy 
    • Olan : Ash gourd and black eye beans cooked in coconut milk
  • Rice
  • To mix with rice:
    • Sambar – Stew made with vegetables, tamarind and toor dal
    • Rasam 
    • Curd
  • Sides:
    • Banana
    • Mango slices
    • Fries/Vatral 
    • Banana Chips
  • Sweet
    • Payasam/Kheer – Rice cooked with milk and sugar 

Ingredients for Payasam:

  • Milk                             :            1 liter
  • Rice                             :            2 tbsp
  • Sugar                          :             1 cup (more if you want a sweeter payasam)


  1. Wash and clean the rice and pressure cook it directly in a clean cooker along with the milk. I keep it for four whistles, which is usually the amount of time I keep for cooking rice.
  2. Once the pressure drops, bring the rice mixture to a boil in the same cooker without the lid or you can use any wide heavy bottom pan for this. Keep stirring or the milk might boil over the pan.
  3. Add the sugar and stir again until the milk becomes thick like a pudding and changes its color.
  4. If preferred, you can heat ghee in a small pan and brown raisins and cashews and add it to the payasam.

This entire spread was prepared by my sweet mother in law. I begged her/bugged her till she relented and made this for me. Of course, I moved around the kitchen acting busy, but she was the one who did the real work :D.

Sadya served the traditional way. In banana leaves. While my brother is eating packed lunch in his tiffin box, this is what we had yesterday!

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