Thoughts and Clicks

Food Props
Should we shop for Food Props?

BWW – Coconut Pieces
Black and White click of coconut pieces

BWW – Muffins
Black and White click of Muffins

BWW – Tea Bags
Black and White click of  Tea bags

BWW – Chickpea
Black and White click of  Chickpeas

BWW – Chocolate Fudge
Black and White click of Chocolate Fudge

B & W Wednesday – Peanuts
Black and White click of Peanuts

BWW- Marie Biscuits
Marie Biscuits in B & W

BWW – Fusillini

Black and White photo of  Fusillini

Black And White Wednesday – Fridge Magnet
B&W photo of a fridge Magnet 

Black and White Wednesday
B&W photo of utensils (toy size), which were part of every household in the olden days

Good Old Times – B&W Wednesday
An antique kitchen and utensils, showcased in DakshinChitra

The Little Chef : B&W Wednesday
B&W photo of my son, going through the fridge contents

Cooking Blunders
My culinary journey

Recurring Characters
Me and my family

First Steps
Hello everyone! 

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