Sweets and Desserts

Aval Payasam
Kheer made with rice flakes/Poha

Rava Kesari
Halwa made with Semolina

Badam Sheera
Halwa made with Almonds

No Bake Oatmeal Cookies
Stovetop oatmeal and cocoa cookies

Chocolate Syrup
Homemade, but tastes just like Hershey’s! Now top your dessert with homemade chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Brownies
An easy chocolate brownie

Chocolate Blunder
A secret recipe which willnot be shared!

Shrikhand (thick and sweet yogurt) with Mango puree

Mango Kulfi
Kulfi made with mango puree. An Indian Ice cream

Semiya Payasam
Absolutely yummy payasam

MW Chocolate Mug Cake
Easy, tasty and ready in 3 min flat

Bengali Thali
Thali cooked the Bengali way (my trial) with rasgollas from scratch

Punjabi Thali
Thali with dishes from the state of Punjab

Kerala Sadya
An elaborate meal with over 12 dishes and features Paal Payasam

Carrot Halwa
Microwave version of carrot halwa

Corn Halwa
Makai Jajaria – Halwa made with corn. Microwave version.

Paal Pidi
Rice flour dumplings (kozhukkattai) in sweetened coconut milk

Scones : The Daring Bakers Challenge Jan 2012
Simple, easy and fuss free scones

Ela Ada
A steamed delicacy from Kerala

Home made Chocolate
Home made fat free bitter sweet dark chocolate

Coconut Boli
Boli with traditional coconut and jaggery filling

Remembering Jayasree
Sesame ladoo made with jaggery; a tribute to a wonderful blogger 

Povitica – The Daring Bakers Challenge, Oct 2011
An Eastern European dessert bread that is as lovely to look at as it is to eat

Microwave Chocolate Pudding
An easy chocolate pudding, made with cocoa in the MW 

Deceivingly Simple Peanut Chikkis
Peanuts in melted jaggery syrup, and my three trials to get it right (almost!)

Candies : The Daring Bakers Challenge, August 2011
Chocolate bark, Chocolate fudge, Peanut chikki and Dulce De Leche

Dulce De Leche
Condensed milk cooked to get the best caramel ever! 

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