Rice, Pasta, Flat Breads and Grains

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Ragi Koozh
A cooling porridge made with finger millet/ragi

Coconut Rice
Goan style rice, cooked in coconut milk

Pizza Sauce
Make this sauce ahead, to make pizza making easy

Mushroom Methi Rice
A simple, easy yet tasty rice preparation. 

Kerala Green Peas Curry and Jeera Pulao
A simple pulao that pairs well with any spicy curry

Vegetable Manchurian
Hakka Noodles served with veg manchurian balls and spring rolls  

Chana Pulao
One pot meal made with garbonzo beans, perfect for lunch box too!

Pesto Chapati
A fusion food, chapati with a pesto filling

Vegetable stuffed Naan
Naan, made on stove top

Vegetable Khichdi
Rice, lentils, vegetables all cooked together for this one pot meal

Onion Parathas
Parathas with onion stuffing!

Short, Sweet and Spicy
Rice served with sweet, sour and spicy Pepper rasam with veggies on the side

Cabbage Stuffed Paratha
Paratha, stuffed with Cabbage filling. Perfect with yogurt and pickle. 

Lachha Paratha
Parathas with layers

Garlic Peas Rice
Garlic rice with peas in it. Pictures taken with a webcam!

Vegetable Pizza
Pizza with loads of veggies

Mango rice
Tangy rice preparation with raw mangoes and coconut

Bengali Thali
Thali cooked the Bengali way (my trial)

Breakfast Thali
Idli vada with chutneys and sambar

Tamil Nadu Everyday Thali
An ordinary lunch at home. My MIL’s preparation

Punjabi Thali
Thali with dishes from the state of Punjab

Kerala Sadya
An elaborate meal with over 12 dishes

Gujarathi Thali
A lavish thali, the Gujarati style (my try at it)

Vegetable Pizza
Pizza with loads of veggies

Qabooli Pulao
Pulao made with chana dal

Thayir Semiya
Vermicelli cooked in yogurt and served chill 

Sweet Potato Chapatis
The softest chapati possible – made with flour and mashed sweet potatoes

A nutritious traditional Gujarati savory cake

Vegetable Lasagna
The Italian special, served the Indian way

Veg Rice
An easy preparation, perfect for lunch box

Nutty Omelet Rice
Rice with peanuts and served with omelet rolls

Lunch Box Affair
Roti served with a cabbage salad and yogurt

Missi Roti
A healthy and tasty roti prepared from wheat and Besan (gram flour)

Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese with a bit of Popeye goodness, spinach!

Garlic Fried Rice
Flavorful Garlic and Egg Rice, an excellent way of using up left over rice. 

Soya & Spinach Puris 
Puris with soya and spinach

Spinach Pulao
Rice with spinach and green gram 

One pot meal – Mujadara
Rice and lentils, with crispy fried onions

Simple and Easy : Carrot Rice
A easy rice preparation with grated carrots and some crumbled paneer

Thai Massaman Curry
Assorted vegetables cooked in coconut milk and served with steamed white rice

Tofu in Szechuan Sauce
Diced Tofu in an easy szechuan sauce, served over steamed or vegetable rice

Chop Chop Chapatis
Left over chapatis or parathas cooked with vegetables, Kothu Paratha

Baked Dosa!
Simplest baked bread ever

Comfort in a bowl – Dal Dhokli
Lentils with wholewheat flour dumplings, served as such or over plain rice

Vegetable Biryani
Dum Biryani with rice and vegetable layers, cooked and then baked

Baked Vegetable Biryani
Dum Biryani, first trial

Spinach Rice Casserole
One pot meal of spinach and rice, baked with bread crumbs on top

Aloo Paratha
Potato Stuffed Paratha

Mooli (Radish) Paratha
Radish Stuffed Paratha

Purple Paratha
Beetroot Chapati

A New Day, A New Way
Cottage Cheese (Paneer) stuffed Paratha

Luchis and Dal
Deep fried puris made of all purpose flour

Onion-Tomato Duo
Tomato rice and raita

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