Kerala Sadya Recipes

Most of the recipes here were done as part of Valli’s Blogging Marathon 32. Most posts have recipes, but some just talk about the topic in general.

The recipes are listed out alphabetically. There are posts with multiple recipes in them, but I have split them into individual links as to make the search easy.

Sadya is the traditional vegetarian banquet feast of Kerala.

A for

mini meal    IMG_1085   green tomato avial

B for

Mini meals      brinjal dates pachadi

C  for

thoran      chakka pradhaman

D for

parippu curry - daal

E for

erisseri      erissery

F for


G for

IMG_0432       IMG_1853

H for

dining area
I for

inji puli

J for

chakka pradhaman

K for


L for


M for

IMG_0190    IMG_1824   mangakkari

N for

sambharam  IMG_3705

O for


P for

IMG_1467    payasam

Q for


R for

IMG_2489     IMG_1711

S for

IMG_1754   Sadya   semiya payasam

T for

DSCN4014  tomato pachadi

U for


V for

IMG_1649    ladies finger kichadi   IMG_0320



X for


Y for

yam fry

Z for

green tomato avial

Note: Please keep in mind that I am not an authority on the subject. I am sharing what I know. The recipes and how they are served has a lot of local influence and keep changing from place to place. So if its different from how you do it, please share  :-)

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