Cricket mini cupcakes

Blogging Marathon #124 Week 3, Day 3
Theme : Kid’s Delight – Monsoon Delights

Masala chai comes first to my mind when I think about rain. Add a spicy deep fried to it and it’s a delightful treat for sure! But at times, I crave for sweet treats too. Baked goodies are perfect – who wouldn’t love a chewy gooey cookie or brownies?! Cupcakes are great too, now a days I prefer mini cupcakes over regular cupcakes. Mini ones are the perfect size, regular cupcakes are way too big for me.

The cupcakes here were baked for a cricket related occasion. My husband and my son are crazy cricket fans (like most Indians), so this is a cake that appeals to them a lot.

The recipe is Hot Milk cake, my go to vanilla cake recipe. You can use any buttercream you like, I have used my regular American buttercream recipe. Once you frost the cupcakes, you have to smooth it down a little to get a dome. Cover with red fondant, smooth it out. Using the backside of a knife, press a small line in the middle of the cupcake. With white food coloring, draw the stitching pattern using a toothpick. Let it dry and serve!


6 thoughts on “Cricket mini cupcakes

  1. Looks beautiful, we are cricket fans too. I made a cricket ground cake for my son’s birthday and guess these ball cupcake would be great too! The cupcakes are cute and perfect!


  2. Rajani, these look just perfect as cricket balls. So cute. I don’t know if I will be able to eat them or just keep looking at them.


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