Tea time snack platter

BM #116 : Week 2, Day 6
Theme : Platters

I had a teatime platter with Indian snacks in my mind for this theme. But I decided against it since most of it involves deep frying, which I am not very fond of. I have improved enough to do deep fry decently, but the desire to do it is just not there. Deep frying is a hazard for someone like me who washes their hands 150 times a minute and then goes back straight to hot oil with water dripping from hands :D…

I have consciously cut down this hand washing habit when I am cooking, it has also weaned because of the cold weather that remains for a good portion of the year here. Still it happens often that I catch myself dripping water into pans while cooking – Never a good idea when handling hot oil ! So I have never been a good fan of deep frying – it’s hazardous for me :-D

Anyway for the platter here, I shelved the Indian snacks idea for another day and decided to use all the snacks I have at home. I added a couple of sandwiches too as a more filling meal. For the eggplant sandwiches, I used leftover sautéed eggplant from lunch. I would have made a couple more sandwiches, but I was out of bread. I just realized that the tea time platter has coffee instead of tea :-)), well my husband prefers coffee, so this works better for us.

Scroll down for the recipes and more pictures.

The platter has

  1. Roasted peanuts
  2. Paneer sandwich
  3. Roasted makhana
  4. Crackers
  5. Sev
  6. Eggplant sandwiches
  7. Tortilla chips
  8. Salsa
  9. Coffee
  10. Tea biscuits
  11. Mixed cheese
  12. Apples
  13. Cashews
  14. Cauliflower crackers
  15. Raisins
  16. Cucumbers
  17. Mint chutney

Paneer sandwich

  • Crumble two tablespoons of paneer in a bowl. Add 2 teaspoons each of very finely chopped carrots and cucumber. Add one chopped green chili. Carefully add 1 teaspoon of sriracha or any hot sauce of your choice. Stir everything together and use as filling on toasted bread.

Eggplant sandwich:

  • Heat oil in a pan. Sauté one small onions and 2 cloves of minced garlic. Add one small chopped tomato along with 1/2 teaspoon chili powder, 1/2 teaspoon coriander powder, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder and salt as needed. Once the tomatoes are cooked and soft, add two medium diced eggplants. Cover and cook, stirring in between, until the eggplants are done. Serve as a filling inside toasted bread.

You can find the recipe for roasted makhana here but the one on the platter is readymade.

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8 thoughts on “Tea time snack platter

  1. I too do the hand washing frequently and specially when working with batters and deep frying, but I have a handy towel in hand to dry it immediately. Yes at times you rush. But better be careful. Love this platter, loaded with goodies and that paneer sandwich looks absolutely irresistible.


  2. I can imagine the deep-frying saga. I can never deep-fry in the front burner. I have that fear factor especially when the kiddo was in the toddler stage, I had to keep an eye on him and fry and he will be around me pulling this and that. I don’t fry often but even if I did it’s always the back burner.
    This platter is amazing love how you made the sandwiches with what you had in hand. Very nice.


  3. We are exactly opposite everyone loves deep fried food here in home and I do them occasionally. This snack platter is so healthy but very inviting with biscuits, chips, sandwich, fruits and all those dips.


  4. Rajani , I too have the habit of washing hands again and again , normally there’s a napkin by my side so there’s no issue !
    Anyways , we do make fried food , but eat in moderation :))
    This is a platter which kids will love – biscuits , crackers and chips ! I like those toasted sandwiches , though I normally make grilled ones .
    Yet another artistic platter !


  5. haha, tell me about handwashing! it’s such a painful process when I am clicking the step by step pictures..otherwise, it’s not a hassle as I think we do unconsciously…this tea time platter is yet another stunning spread Rajani, hats off for such wonderful ideas and a display to meet our expectation. I have really enjoyed so much seeing all your platters this week. Excellent job..I am curious about that eggplant sandwich..:)


  6. I can relate to hand washing after seeing my husband in kitchen for years now. He washes his hands more times than he does things in the kitchen. :)
    This snack platter is a healthy one and looks like what my kids snack on and the husband buys deep fried stuff from the Indian stores as I am averse to deep frying as well.


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