Sunrise Mocktail

BM #112 : Week 2, Day 1
Theme : Summer Coolers

I hope you are all doing fine, staying safe in your homes. We are doing good, staying put at home. We haven’t stepped out for over 6 weeks now, managing with online grocery shopping. Earlier in April it was extremely difficult to get groceries delivered, but thankfully that situation has now changed and there are a lot of delivery slots available.

We do all our shopping in Costco now mainly because theirs has been the most hassle free delivery with groceries. But the disadvantage of shopping there is that there are very few choices when it comes to vegetables. For a vegetarian, limiting yourself to spinach, mushrooms, beans and peppers for two months is a little too much. Still in this situation, I am glad for whatever I get now.

I am decently stocked up with milk and pantry items but veggies are low now. The point of mentioning all that was I am low in almost everything I needed to make today’s recipe. I didn’t have grenadine or lemon slices or mint leaves or cherries but I was grateful to have orange juice and grape cider. My son loves apple cider from Costco and since there were out of stock with apple cider, I had asked the delivery guys to pick up grape cider. Can’t say that was a good swap. Anyway it came handy when making this drink and we all like it in this form better than having it plain. So read on for this beautiful looking drink that you can prep with just two ingredients.


  • Orange juice
  • Grape cider
  • Ice cubes


  1. Fill a glass with ice cubes. Carefully add grape cider till it’s 1/3rd full. Top it carefully with orange juice. Enjoy!

Note: if using a syrup like strawberry or grenadine, you have to start with the juice and then add the syrup.

* Without the ice cubes, the colors will mingle and you will just get a red color juice.

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Sending this post to Srivalli’s Kids delight event , hosted by Usha this month. The theme is Kid friendly Summer Coolers.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise Mocktail

  1. The pictures are simply stunning Rajani. Glad things are getting better now. We haven’t stepped out as well except hubby who goes to get fruits all weekly once shopping. Now sure how things will be when everything opens up shortly…


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