Celery juice

3celery juice

I live in a decent sized apartment. Its not as big as our home in India, but its not a teeny tiny one either.There is enough space to move around without bumping into each other. But one single trip to the wholesale store Costco and it changes that feeling completely. I feel as if there is hardly any space in the house! I come back with giant packs of everything right from cereals to kitchen napkins and that’s when the house starts looking small and poses me this huge question : Where do I store all these things?!

I have found nooks and corners of the house to store my Costco supplies, but the refrigerator takes a major hit. The big boxes of yogurt, milk cans and eggs easily take up almost all the room in there. The good thing about Costco is that its not a weekly shopping trip, its almost monthly or at times even a bimonthly trip. Well, the quantities are wholesale and it lasts for a really long time. Though I usually don’t buy vegetables from there, last time I ended up buying a pack of celery from there. And true to Costco size, it was a big pack.

I have heard about juicing celery, so when it showed up in the detox recipe searches, I decided to give it a try. There are many health benefits, but the best part was that the juice tasted good. Added advantage is that this is good recipe to take care of the celery overload in the fridge :D. Read for the recipe.

2celery juice

Recipe for two glasses of juice:

  1. Wash, clean and dice the ribs and leaves from one whole head of celery.
  2. In a mixer or blender, add enough water to cover the vegetables and blend it.You can substitute a portion of water with juices if you like.
  3. Pass the mix through a sieve kept over a bowl to collect the juice. Press the pulp onto the sieve with a spoon to squeeze out most of the juice. Discard the pulp. Transfer the juice to glasses and its ready to drink!

1celery juice


11 thoughts on “Celery juice

  1. Celery is not one of my favorite vegetable. I’ve warmed up to it after trying it in the detox diet. This celery juice sounds different. I will give it a try soon.


  2. Wow those glasses make the drink even more tempting Rajani..I remember my visit to Costco and remember seeing those 24 number buns everywhere..I was thinking how apt it would be for my family..lol..


  3. I would prefer to use some juice to grind celery, otherwise I suppose it will appear to be too bland….. rest you know better. Anyway it’s a good idea to use celery if it’s present in bulk.


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