Yogurt smoothie


This post is a part of  the mega Blogging Marathon and A-Z challenge. I have chosen ‘popular American dishes’ as my theme.

We are at the last leg of the alphabetical journey through popular American dishes and the last week has been more difficult than the rest of the month put together. The alphabets get tougher and the time frame gets tighter. My talk about scheduling flew off the window the minute I said it. That was fine, because I had this recipe ready a long time back. All I had to do was upload the photos and publish it. But nah, it didn’t happen. Not because I was out with my family the whole day, but the laptop went on strike.

Right now my laptop is going through a multi organ failure. The touch pad is gone and is replaced by an external mouse. The machine is extremely slow which makes my man crazy, but I am fine with it. Its sole purpose is for editing pictures and browsing. Now that’s where the second hit came. It’s not connecting to the net. That does make things difficult. To get a post up, now I have to edit using the old laptop. Use a thumb drive to copy. Then connect to our chromebook and upload the pictures and post from there.  Chromebook is wonderful, but hardly useful for my purpose. I am sure that day is around the corner when I have to shed some tears for my laptop. I am getting the handkerchief ready and waiting patiently for it to happen.

Coming to the recipe here, I went for yogurt based recipe for Y.

  • Why? Y wasn’t easy.
  • Why? There were hardly any choices. I had yam, yellow cake and yogurt to choose from. I chose yogurt.
  • Why? Its healthy, easy to make and quite popular.
  • Why? It has probiotic which makes it more nutritional than milk.

So have I answered all the question for my choice? Smoothies are popular all over the world as a healthy breakfast choice. Smoothie bowls are more of a recent trend, but its really filling and nutritious.  Smoothies started appearing in US as early as 1930. That information was new for me, I didn’t expect it to date so back. In the 70s, “Smoothie King” opened and soon had branches all over the country. So in short, smoothies are popular here and there are dedicated stores just for that!

Read on for this highly versatile recipe. You can adjust it according to what you have in your fridge.



  • 1/2 cup yogurt
  • fruits of your choice (I used a handful of strawberries & blueberries, one banana and one kiwi)
  • 2 teaspoonful of peanut butter
  • 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder
  • 2 teaspoons sugar/ honey
  • Banana slices, strawberry slices, chocolate chips,pistachios


  1. Blend everything together. Taste test and add sugar to adjust the taste or yogurt to get the right consistency.
  2. Pour into a bowl, decorate with fruit pieces, nuts and chocolate chips. Enjoy!


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5 thoughts on “Yogurt smoothie

  1. Wow this looks classic…I have been taken in so much by these bowl smoothies that seem to be popular these days….btw did you link this in the email thread?..looks like I missed reading this post..


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