This post is a part of  the mega Blogging Marathon and A-Z challenge. I have chosen ‘popular American dishes’ as my theme.

The kid had been asking for jello forever and it just seemed smart to integrate his request to meet my blogging ends. So when we were in the supermarket, we picked up 3-4 types of jello and came home with a sense of achievement.

A couple of days later, I started on this layered jello. It was one of the easiest things I have done till now, but also very time consuming. There is at least 15-20 minutes wait periods between each of these layers and that quickly adds up. Still, its only waiting time and that’s not so bad. You can also make a single big layered jello, which will need a lot more setting time in the fridge.

If I were making this for a party of some kind, I would buy the transparent kind use and throw glasses. That way you wont have the kids fighting over who gets the bigger glass! It will all be uniform and that will make it easy to determine the quantity the recipe delivers also. Here I can say 8 glasses, but its all of different sizes. I just randomly picked glasses and filled it with the jello layers.

The best part of this was how my son was impressed. Now he wants to make one of his own :-). Read on to know how to make this.


Recipe source: Rainbow jello cups


  • 3 different flavors of ready-made jello packets
  • 1 cup yogurt/evaporated milk/condensed milk/sour cream/ cool whip
  • see through glasses


  1. Prepare the first pack of jello according to package instructions. Its usually boiling water stirred into the jelly, followed by cold water after the crystals have completely melted.
  2. Divide 2/3rd of this mix between the serving containers and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes until its set completely. The thicker the layer is, more time its going to take for setting.
  3. To make the lighter shade of the same jello, stir in the yogurt/condensed milk/cool whip/sour cream/evaporated milk to the reserved 1/3rd portion of jello. Basically a white color based thick liquid to lighten the color. I used yogurt and I had to filter it to get rid of the ‘white yogurt spots’.
  4. Once the previous layer of jello is set, carefully add the lighter layer. Refrigerate until its set completely.
  5. Repeat this process with other flavors.

Note: I should have started off with the yogurt light layer first so that it would been fun to finish with the bright red layer on top.


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21 thoughts on “Jell-O

  1. I am getting the Vegetarian jellos next time just to see the smile on my little one’s face. This is such a no nonsense dessert to please the kids. Amazing clicks and the cake stand stole the show :)


  2. even though I am only up to letter E for commenting this looked so pretty I had to come over and take a peek – what a great idea – and such beautiful even layers – this is a gorgeous looking dessert – who would have known with plain old jello – looks so gourmet


  3. WOW, those jello cups look AMAZING Rajani. Sooooooo pretty. I don’t think I can disturb those beautiful layer — I’ll probably just keep admiring :-)


  4. Those Jell-o cups look simply amazing, so much patience is needed to do rainbow colors. Yours came out perfect. 👍


  5. The pictures are so stunning Rajani.I just want to stare them all day.So beautiful and elegant.Jello looks wonderful too.


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