A birthday wish and lots of food!

1gutti vankaya kura

Everyday is special, but some days are more special. Like anniversaries. Or birthdays. And birthdays of your friends.

Today is one such special day. Our blogging buddy Valli- our Super woman, Blogging Marathon creator and veteran, is turning a year older today.

And we are here to wish her a birthday in the best way we can… A post with recipes from her blog. A foodie gift from foodie friends :-)! We are cooking from her blog – well, blogs! ( Did I mention that she has two blogs, 3 kids and a full-time job? And she manages all that!! Definition of a super woman fits aptly, I think. )

IMG-20160226-WA0024 (1)

Anyway, I digress…

Birthday is all about celebrating the first day of our life on Mother Earth. The day we were born.Its special indeed in so many ways. Its a day where we spend most of it smiling without reason and catching up with the wishes in person and online.

I thought it will be special for her to wish her with the first recipe on her blog. A post that started off her online journey. A post that was received with a lot of love by the blogging world and eventually led to her second blog and so many more achievements. Yes, the first time…its always special :-).

1gutti vankaya kura

I  made Guttu Venkaya Kura from Cooking 4 All Seasons and paired it with her Coconut rice. That was our lunch yesterday. This is the first time I am making stuffed brinjal and I totally loved it.

I have to show you the stepwise pictures where you can see the eggplants in the gravy floating just like hippos :D. But that’s for another time, OK ;-)?

I decided to follow-up the delicious lunch with another recipe (her second recipe on her blog) for dinner. The Andhra special pesarattu and upma, served with tomato chutney and coconut chutney.

Again I digress. The focus shifted from Valli’s birthday wish to the food for a few, but understandable, minutes :D.

Valli, Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead! May it be filled with love, joy, family, butter and chocolate throughout the year!

Lots and lots of love, your BM friends :-)



8 thoughts on “A birthday wish and lots of food!

  1. Wow that’s awesome spread..and you picking up the nunne vankaya is too good..its our favorite and glad you liked it..thank you so much for wonderful thought and wishes..I am so touched!


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