Bye bye 2015, Welcome 2016


Sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult to pin down. As another year rolls pass by, I am finding it difficult to reflect on it. 365 days of happenings can hardly be fit into a small blog post.

As the year fades away slowly into the past, it brings out memories that hurt, some that bring joy and others that bring peace. Like a video tape stuck in a particular place, the mind just goes to those significant moments that defines the year for me.


One of the major events was the Chennai floods which happened in December. It had me praying for so many people I knew and so many more I didn’t. Having spent many years in Velachery and OMR, a lot of people I care for were affected by the floods. It was a moment where man was nothing before Mother Nature.

But then, let’s not talk about Mother Nature.


It’s about the New Year now. About new hopes. New resolutions. New dreams.

A whole new beginning.

It’s about letting go of the year past and moving forward. The circle of life will continue. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all over again..There is some comfort that pattern, it’s the way mom nature tells us that this too shall pass!

Happy New Year everyone!

fall1 2015


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