Tomato tartine


The image I had about French food was that it was elaborate and time consuming. With that image planted firm long back, I have never really tried to learn more about it.

It’s Valli’s Blogging Marathon that has me thinking about French cuisine and to my surprise, I find its not all that hard. There are quite a lot of recipes, with lots of vegetarian options, that you can try out. To save myself time from digging around aimlessly, I took out Dorie Greenspan’s book ‘Around my French table’ from the library.

The book contains recipes she has been served and she has served others when in France. Going through the book, it was a realization that food is kind of global now a days and the recipes have long left their roots to become part of other cultures as well. For example, hummus is as popular in US or France as it is in the Middle East. It’s not surprising to include it in a book because its become a part of daily lives there.

When referenced by their local names, the food appears to be ‘foreign’ than it actually is. Carottes rapees sounds very French. But if I tell you that its grated carrot salad with some amazing dressing, it sounds like something we can try our hands on. I bet you, to a foreigner, our simple homemade lunch or rice, rasam and thogayal  might sound a lot more complicated than it actually is!!

Anyway, coming to the recipe here – its a tartine. Tartines are open sandwiches. Dorie explains it well by mentioning that these are more of a concept than a single recipe. A piece of bread with one or more spreads and with one or more fillings on top and that’s your tartine.  It can be a heavy meal, a light one or something to nibble on…its upto you. The book has a recipe for tartine regime or dieter’s tartine, which has a low fat spread and a topping of seasoned tomatoes and cucumber. That’s the first recipe for you this week.


Recipe adapted slighty from Dorie Greenspan’s book – around my French table

Serves : 1

Theme : French recipes


  • 2 slices French bread
  • 2 teaspoon cream cheese*
  • 1 tomato diced into small cubes
  • 1/2 cucumber cut into small cubes
  • salt and pepper

*The book suggested fromage blanc or a substitute of cottage cheese+sour cream


  1. Slice the bread and grill or toast it.
  2. Spread the cheese over it.
  3. In a small bowl, mix the diced tomatoes and cucumbers with salt and pepper.
  4. Spoon this over the bread.
  5. Slice the bread in half or serve whole. Add a salad on the side and a its a mini meal!

This recipe goes to Blogging Marathon 55, under French recipes.

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9 thoughts on “Tomato tartine

  1. Oh yes that’s exactly what I felt too when I went through the recipes..I was all for making my own fromage blanc, even though it may not be like their original origin..still I enjoyed cooking and reading french dishes..maybe we should include it more in our themes..this tartine sounds super easy and fun to make!.. We have always been making open sandwiches, yet never realized it was called this..:)


  2. I had the exact same thoughts on French cuisine. So I never tried it. But you make it sound like it’s not too hard. Love this tartine….simple and yummy!


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