Fruit Ice pops


We moved again. This time to an apartment close to my husband’s office. So another school change for the kid. The good thing is that there is only two more weeks to go before the summer vacation starts. The bad thing is that he has been to three schools for his 3rd grade! First in India, then in our previous place in US and now, the current one…talk about being a global student!!

I do feel bad about pushing so many changes into his life, but then you gotta go where life takes you. And wherever we go, the kid has to follow us. The earlier we accept that, the easier it is. He is getting around that, but yet the pining for home and his friends hasn’t gone yet.

It’s a guilt laden life at the moment. No wonder, I wanted to go guilt free in the food department at least!

Coming to the recipe here, this is a recipe that I had seen in Vaishali’s place long ago. Its simple, fun and totally guilt free. Perfect indulgence for summer.


Recipe source: Ribbons to pastas and Martha


  • Sprite/lemonade/white grape juice, as needed (I used about 2 tbsp per mold)
  • Choice of fruits – chopped, as needed ( I used kiwi, strawberry and mango)


  1. Slice the fruits. Fill the ice pop mold with the sliced fruits.
  2. You can add as many or as little fruits as you want. The more fruits you have in, the more packed it is and the better it looks. I was short on fruits, so I put only 5-6 pieces in each.
  3. Fill the mold with the liquid of your choice. Any see-through liquid is fine. Freeze overnight. Done!


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25 thoughts on “Fruit Ice pops

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  2. This is on my list too ever since I saw it on Martha’s website but haven’t got around to make it yet. With colorful fruits’ combination, this definitely can steal the show besides being healthy.


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  4. Kids adapt and accept faster than adults.And am sure this would be a memorable year for him.These pops look fantastic Rajani…


  5. Refreshing fruit pops rajani!! Love the colors seen through!! Kiddo will be fine, they will quick adapt to new places!! As vaishali said it is we adults keep sulking and missing things badly!!


  6. Good to hear that you are settling in your new house. Kids take time to get used to new places and people, but once they do, there’ll be no more complains.
    Fruit ice pops look so tempting.


  7. All I can say is “slurp slurp ” .. It’s 5 am here and I don’t mind licking this off :))


  8. lovely choice of fruits the colors compliment each other well..about the school change, i think the kids dont mind as much but our guilt makes it harder…i have never changed school, so i am very worried about this impending change in my life…


  9. Congratulations on the new house! Rajani as yet your son is quite young and any changes will be adapted soon, don’t feel guilty, it’s we grown ups who have more problems.
    Thanks for trying these fruit pops, they look awesome and just the way they should be. I am tempted to make them again.


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