Quick baked potatoes


I realize that, me and my husband have fallen into predictable patterns a lot more now than we were a decade before. There is no “we will figure out as we go” in our lives anymore. We prefer to play safe, plan ahead and stick to the plan. This is getting reflected in the food aspect of our lives as well.

Where as once we were open to all kinds of food any time of the day and any day of the week, now we like our daily food to be Indian, if possible, South Indian. Idlis, dosas and rice are the things we literally live for! Chapatis are tolerated with grace intermittently. We are open to food adventures on Fridays and weekends, but that requires some mental preparation.

So you can imagine our disappointment, disbelief and denial, when I tell you that our 8 year old (who doesn’t like food in general) dislikes Indian food in particular!! Rice is his main enemy since that’s what we serve most. Dosa and chapatis compete for the second place.

His idea of food is a nutella sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now, for this BM, I had planned on making jacket potatoes. Now, if I had served these to my husband, he would have fainted, fallen down and had a heart attack. But I served these to my son, who loved it, ate it and asked for seconds!!

Sometimes, its just a question of knowing your audience ;-)!


Recipe source: Quick baked potatoes


  • One potato/sweet potato of the same size per person
  • about 1/2 tsp olive oil for each potato
  • salt and pepper for seasoning


  • Heat the oven to 400 F/ 200C.
  • Wash, pat dry and cut the potatoes into half lengthwise.


With your hands rub oil all over the potato coating it well. Rub salt and pepper as well.


Bake for 30 mins with cut side down. (I over baked -ok,burnt!- it a tad :D).

Serve topped with baked beans and cheese or butter/ sour cream or as you wish.


18 thoughts on “Quick baked potatoes

  1. My son loves nutella & bread too for all meals of the day — all week — all year. I am the one getting bored of making it for him :-)
    Those baked potatoes look so crispy & delicious. I think my nutella loving son will also like this :-)


  2. I m laughing out loud as i read :my hubby would have fallen, fainted…..” My God seriously rajani, kids i say, mine is straight opposite, all 3 times he wants dosa-sambhar, whereas the LO is adventurous!!!
    Potatoes have come out so well. love the way it is served with beans!! :)


  3. Similar story in our house as well. So the key is to identify the right audience for the food we want to serve :) Very interesting serving baked potatoes with beans!!


  4. I think this is the story in almost everyone’s home!!! Nice baked potato Rajani. I would love to have it as such with a dash of pepper….


  5. Baked potatoes has been on my to-do list. I rather like sweet potatoes with the baked beans on top 😊


    1. This was the first meal we had in London 7 years back. We had just landed and the next day our friend took us for shopping to get us settled in the new house.This was our lunch from the supermarket cafeteria.


  6. Why are all men the same? And all children the same when it comes to food…well even though my hubby loves different cuisines, he still prefers his khichdi.
    But I love those jacket potatoes, with beans and cheese, it has been a very very long time since I made these, perhaps very soon. The dish looks super inviting.


  7. At home we too prefer Indian found & South Indian. I would not mind those baked potatoes but husband on the other hand might not like it.


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