Simple Chocolate Buttercream Recipe : Step by Step pictures


There was an order for an egg less chocolate cake for a sweet girl who was turning nine. Given that my artistic skills are quite pathetic, I was wondering how to decorate the cake. A dark brown chocolate cake with an equally dark chocolate butter cream is not that easy to decorate!

I spent two whole days browsing the net, looking for a pattern that I could use. Chocolate butter cream tastes awesome, but it leaves a dark and dull looking cake if not dressed up and presented nicely.

I was out the whole morning and that meant less time for thinking about decoration. I had almost decided on the easy ‘kitkat cake’. The thing that stopped me was that I couldn’t get enough kitkat for this cake.So I picked up some random items that could go into the cake : some cherries, Cadbury’s Gems (similar to M&M), gift chocolates from Amul etc.

And finally with a bit of sprinkles and the birthday message on top (yes, you are right : that’s a straw!) and I was as happy as the birthday girl :-).

You can check out this post for the eggless cake and for the mocha syrup as well. Scroll down for the butter cream recipe.


Source: Maria’s menu 

Enough for covering a 6″ cake


  • 100 gm butter, softened (1 stick of butter)
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder (1/3 cup for deeper chocolate flavour)
  • 2 – 2.5 cups icing sugar
  • 1/4 cup hot water (more or less)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


IMG_3916 In a bowl, add the softened butter and cocoa powder. I wanted a lighter shade, so took only 2 tbsp. You can go upto 1/3rd cup for a deeper colour and more chocolate-y buttercream.



Mix with a smooth until no chunk of butter remain, adding a tablespoon or two of hot water for this. IMG_3924

Sieve the icing sugar and add it to the mix. Start with 2 cups and add another half cup, if required.
IMG_3926 Mix again, adding a tbsp or two of hot water, until you get a smooth and shiny butter cream. You can add more sugar after a taste test.

I doubled this amount for the cake in the post (Two 6″ cakes)



10 thoughts on “Simple Chocolate Buttercream Recipe : Step by Step pictures

  1. That’s a stunning cake can showcase more for us please..:)..and pls don’t say you can’t be artistic…if this is not, then what is???..


  2. that’s really clever. I would have floundered with so many different things – gems, sprinkles, cherries etc on how to combine them artfully. you’ve done splendidly.. cake looks great


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