Toadstool Cake


My son’s first birthday was celebrated in a very simple manner. There were no invitees, no celebration, no party and no, not even a cake. The day was special, but I didn’t want to crowd the day with unknown faces for my son.

A friend was invited for lunch, that’s all. Her call came an hour before lunch saying that she and my husband would be coming home with a cake. And I, in turn, rushed to the nearby houses and called all the kids there to come over for cake cutting.

Soon, the cake and the kids were there and we had so much of fun. Nothing was planned, but those kids were his closest friends at that point of time. They were all older than him by 4-5 years at least. They made the kiddo’s day special by doing some silly acrobatic stuff for him and how he laughed!!

And how happy I was :-)!


It’s no wonder I am late catching up with some milestones of this virtual space of mine as well. The cake was made to celebrate two occasions. One to mark my son’s ‘all rounder’ performance and his promotion to third standard. Another to mark three years of ‘My Kitchen Trials’.

All this happened in April, in between the Indian Food Odyssey.

I forgot to celebrate three hundred posts here, but before I could make up my mind about celebrating, I have already reached at the 400th post. So, well, this cake is for that as well.

I started the blog as a strict one-year project. End of the year, I decided to extend for another year. And now its three years completed and  I am looking at 5 now.

I would never have reached here, if not for the support of fellow bloggers, especially my Blogging Marathon friends.

And You : who is right now reading this post. Thank you :-).

The cake here is a hot milk cake, covered with fondant and decorated using small fondant cutters.



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