Madhya Pradesh: Poha-Jalebi and Bhutte Ke Khees


I tried getting a lunch menu for Madhya pradesh, but wasn’t successful. I didn’t know anyone personally from there and I was not confident about the menu I created.

But browsing for recipes from the region, I realized that there was a totally new dish for me to try : Bhutte ke khees, corn grated and then cooked in milk until its dry. It was a recipe I wanted to try. Apparently it’s famous in Indore, a happening city in the state.

So to go along with it, I decided to feature another interesting combination that I haven’t heard before – Poha and hot-hot jalebis!


Poha and Jalebi together is a new combination for me and this apparently is a popular street food there. Through this journey of the Indian states, I am learning so many new recipes and new combination of food.

Poha is rice flakes and this is a very simple dish to prepare. It can be modified to include as many vegetables as you want. In my place, this is an occasional breakfast or an evening tiffin/snack to have when you are back from school.

There is a tamarind version and a curd version as well, and I like the first the best. This is a simple version with lemon and potatoes.


I never thought I would make jalebis at home one day. And the surprising fact was that it wasn’t all that complicated. If you can make sugar syrup and you know how to deep fry, then it’s a breeze.

Now, for me, I am still struggling with both. Yet I was able to get decent results.

The traditional recipe for jalebi requires overnight fermentation. But there is an instant recipe, which uses yeast for rising. I used this recipe. And one main thing to notice is that when they say instant, they MEAN instant. Ie, this recipe is not great for refrigerating and using the batter later (def not in Chennai). And even if you leave it outside for more than 2 hours, the batter rises a lot. So it might spread out more. There will be more holes in the jalebi as well. And more holes means it will soak up the sugar syrup a lot.

So prepare the batter in smaller quantities if you are not planning to make it right away.



Bhutte ke khees is a good exercise recipe for your arms. You have to keep on stirring for about 20 minutes plus. I made only with one corn, but I don’t think that mattered. It took all the time in the world before it was ready.

The good thing was that it was worth it. It’s not a recipe I might try again as it was time consuming, but it’s definitely worth trying once at least.


The Menu:

  • Poha : A breakfast preparation made of rice flakes. It is paired with hot-hot jalebis.
  • Instant Jalebi : A sweet preparation, that is deep fried first and then dipped in sugar syrup. This is an instant version using yeast. The traditional method uses yogurt for overnight fermentation. Check out this video from Tarla Dalal before attempting this recipe.
  • Bhutte Ke Khees




17 thoughts on “Madhya Pradesh: Poha-Jalebi and Bhutte Ke Khees

  1. Wonderful platter. Even I made bhutte ke khees and it I used 3 -4 corn and it served only one. I used sweet corn and the corn here might be smaller than the ones you get in India. Even I tried Tarla Dalal yeast recipe for another state but that jalebi recipe did not work for me. I found it interesting that jalebi is served with poha.


  2. I see jalebis so much when I am in Indian sections here and eventhough I hear so much about them they just look so cloyingly sweet with that bright orange color I am never tempted to buy them. But yours looks so good – maybe I’ll try to make myself like you!


  3. Rajani, as always your posts are such fun and nice to read! It’s like I am standing next to you, as you talk..:)..very lovely post and I am enjoying all your dishes..I love Jalebis, and I had challenged it for the ICC, where we did the overnight me that takes time..:)..and of course the taste makes up for it..Bhutte Ke khees sounds interesting..but then again I wish I had visited you..


  4. Fantastic foods there, bhutte ke khees and poha jalebi are popular foods in MP and u got them prefectly, i can grab some jalebis and have rite now.


  5. Lovely platter there ! Jalebis and sugar syrup intimidates me as well, might try the instant version sometime !


  6. Yes this is the perfect combo served in Indore…Rajani , my daughter in law is from Indore..the next time you want to ask something…call me!…
    the jalebi tempts me and the khees well it surely is worth the time it cant build muscles with corn:))..I use at least 5-6 corns for the family, and it is on a regular menu!..the whole platter looks amazing.


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