Himachal Pradesh Lunch Thali


It’s great when you try some new recipe and it turns out well. But when it doesn’t, you know what happens? You have to finish off an entire thali by yourself. And it’s almost a punishment.

After being used to either sweet stuff alone or spicy stuff alone, my taste buds have become stiff and doesn’t like the combination of two in a single dish. The combination of rice and sugar as a dry dish also didn’t suit my palate.

May be I didn’t prepare it the way it’s meant to be. I will really have to try the authentic version before I judge the dish :-).

But until then, I don’t think I will be making meetha rice again.


The good news is that madri and khatta were good. Both were easy to prepare. Khatta means sour. And this dish IS sour. It was a shock initially, but you learn to like it as you go. It tasted fantastic with curd rice (oh, come on! We have to have curd rice even if it is a Pahari thali :D).

Khatta is topped off with some boondi (ready made, of course) before serving.


Madra is a yogurt based dish. It’s prepared with chick peas usually. But the recipe I zeroed down finally had potatoes in it. Since I was preparing a chickpea based curry (with dates), I went ahead with the potato madra.

Like Kerala feast is called Sadya, Himachali feast food (for weddings and all) is called Dham. You can read a bit here in this link about Dham.


The Menu:

  • Khatta : The dish lives up to its name. It’s really khatta (sour). This aamchur (dry mango powder) based curry is sprinkled with boondi and served
  • Meetha Bhaat( recipe in the comments section) : This is a dessert. Rice cooked with sugar, milk and dry fruits.
  • Himachali Madra : A yogurt based chickpea curry. The one I zeroed down was the potato version.
  • Chhole Mithas Liye : Chickpea in a sweet date gravy. I personally didn’t like it.
  • Plain rice




15 thoughts on “Himachal Pradesh Lunch Thali

  1. Being from Himachal myself I would like to say that you need to taste food in a Himachali Dham.Its absolutely delicious.Dont take this in a wrong way but I don’t think you have succeeded anywhere near to what the original food is like in a dham.


  2. Regardless of how the meetha rice tasted, it does look very tempting. You photographed it so well. Once again, great job on the thali. I made chana madra for this state.


  3. same pinch..i would not like chick peas in a sweet gravy…Himachali Food is actually very delicious, I picked it up from a chef there itself and trust me the khatta ..the madra, sweet rice ..all the dishes were super hit.It is rich food..delicious too, I love that thali to the core.


  4. Loved the spread… I do not find the recipe of the sweet rice.. Did you not add it because you did not like it? Actually looks picture perfect… Others are yummy too, but that sweet rice caught my eyes..


  5. love that miniature tree of yours.. makes every picture pretty. I was very doubtful about the khatta that I initially chose to do for Himachal Pradesh. I thought, decided, then changed my mind, again deliberated and finally decided against it. I didn’t know how my folks would take it.


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