Haryana – Puri Halwa Chole


Cooking from Haryana turned out to be very difficult for me. The cuisine of Haryana is same as that of Punjab. A search of youtube videos for Haryana recipes finally gave an idea.

Halwa Puri with Chole.

Apparently this is a popular combination in the Northern states and in Pakistan as well. It’s prepared as a special weekend breakfast too in some places.

Browsing for Halwa poori recipe, I landed in Preeti’s space who had a potato halwa recipe. She has mentioned that it is a special in Haryana, UP and some other states. So instead of the regular sooji (semolina) halwa, I zeroed down on this potato delicacy. It takes a bit of time to get used to this unusual (in my eyes at least) combination of potatoes and sugar. But it tasted nice.


Chole is a great recipe to go with any of the Indian breads. Be it poori, chapati, paratha or even dosas, chole magic is always welcome.

This chole is clicked really well with the poori, and it was a comfort, since I was suspicious of the halwa -poori combination. Those two (halwa and poori) got along well, but when trying something new it’s always better to have a back up :D.


I wanted to have more than just halwa poori and chole, but didn’t have the energy to cook a lot more. So zeroed down on a simple dal tadka.

The salad and green chillies are customary part of a thali in North India. Home made butter is also served in some parts.


The Menu:

  • Aloo ka halwa: A sweet dish prepared with potatoes. Apparently a speciality in some of the Northern states.
  • Puri: Deep fried whole wheat bread.
  • Chole: Chick pea curry that pairs very well with the Indian rotis.
  • Dal fry : Moong dal cooked and prepared with simple tadka of jeera and red chilli powder in ghee.
  • Butter : Saw a video of a Haryana dhaba providing a dot of butter along with the food.
  • Salad :  Cucumber and tomato slices.
  • Chillies and lemon wedges : On the side




17 thoughts on “Haryana – Puri Halwa Chole

  1. I always wonder how people can eat pooris either with halwa or aamras. that’s something beyond my imagination. :)
    However love poori-chole combination and can finish off that halwa as a dessert.
    Love your brass pot.


  2. Wonderful looking platter,ever green combo..Potato halwa sounds very interesting and it makes me drool…nice shots…


  3. Aloo halwa looks just like sooji halwa. I did not realize it was made of aloo until I read the post. It is always a good idea to have a backup when experimenting new cuisine. Awesome thali


  4. Wow you fried!!!…that accounts for the rains ok..that’s a beautiful platter Rajani..won’t mind grabbing it right away..for all the combos I have done, this is one thing yet to attempt!..very nicely plated…


  5. The whole Thali looks irresistible…and so so well captured. The set up looks awesome, I love the daal tadka pot, so rustic..and those flowers floating…wow they are creating magic….awed…simply can’t take my eyes off from the pics.


  6. That potato halwa looks irresistible, seems you took enough time to decide this wonderful platter, halwa puri chole who will say no to this irresistible dishes.


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