Simple Assamese Lunch

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Off all the North Eastern states, Assam was the easiest. There were enough on-line recipe sources for this state.

So I could stick to my original plan of a ‘meal’ or a mini thali for this state as well.

The site Assamese Recipes, With heart and soul had 5-6 meal platters, so I put together one for my post from those.


So for the third state, presenting a mini meal with a spinach curry, mashed potatoes and brinjal, tomato pickle style and of course, the dal. And everything is served with rice.

I really liked the mashed potato curry, it was easy to put together and tasted simple, yet great. A bit of lemon juice squeezed takes this dish to a whole new level. This recipe, is definitely a keeper.

assamese (2)

The Xaak bhaji or the green leaves curry, was very simple, with minimal spices (the entire cooking was with minimal spices). It tasted awesome, yet it was light on stomach.

This is usually prepared with a variety of greens that is locally available in Assam. Since that choice is not there, I went ahead and used a bundle of palak.


There was a bit of sweetness (from jaggery) on the tomato pickle/condiment. The name of the dish itself is sweet and sour tomatoes, after all. But after being used to either sweet or salty preparations our whole life, this bit of both taste together wasn’t as appealing as I thought it would be.

Yet we liked it, but I would leave out the sweet factor the next time I make it.


Meal idea: Assamese Recipes and Aakhol Khor

  • Rice
  • Masur Dal (dali or dail) : Red Split lentils, masoor dal, cooked with tomatoes
  • Xaak Bhaaji :    A green leafy preparation,  I used the locally available Palak variety
  • Aloo Bengena Pura Pitika : An Assamese Baingan Bharta kind of preparation. This has roasted eggplant and potatoes in it, mixed with onions and chillies.
  • Bilahir Tok : A condiment made with tomatoes


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29 thoughts on “Simple Assamese Lunch

  1. Very nice pictures, I’m loving it :-)! Could you tell me please, where can I get such Tali bowls and plats to serve the Tali dish? I’m from Switzerland and I have not found any bowl and plat similar to yours :(. Thank you very much for your answer!


  2. That is a lovely platter. Spinach and mashed potato brinjal caught my attention. Beautiful and appetizing clicks.


  3. I am wondering how you manage to cook thali day after day! And this is indeed a feat.Love the second last pic.Sooo good!!


  4. That thali looks simple and so comforting.. Like Valli said when we were struggling to get one dish posted, you have managed to post an entire thali.


  5. you are amazing, there i was struggling to find one veg recipe and you ended up creating a thali…i would have to applaud your hubby to letting you have done so many experiments…this thali is simply awesome and on the tomato pickle i had similar experience with the pumpkin oambal , was a bit sweet for my taste, so i will reduce the sweet content


  6. Bilahir tok looks fabulous and fingerlicking one :) such an deliicous virtual treat :) looks fantastic .. Once more an virtual treat from assam from your end :) very comforting lunch :)


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