An year older…an year wiser?


Time rolls by and I turned a year older sometime back.

And yet, the man forgot about it. And so did the kid.

And I was preoccupied with a hundred things to remind them.

The day almost got over before the kid and the man wished me.


But my friends didn’t forget.

Calls started coming in from 6:30 in the morning. STDs, roaming calls and ISDs. Few in numbers, but it kept coming for the whole week.

And some of them came in with really beautiful gifts.

A personalized cup with the message: ‘Ageing is just a cakewalk’. My eyes popped out when I saw an old picture of mine (when I could easily fit into a jeans) in it.

Thoughtful indeed :-). And thought-provoking (diet-wise) indeed!


Another gift came in the form of a beautiful caramelized banana cake. It made me really happy, because nothing completes a birthday the way a cake does.

There was no candles, no ceremonies, I just cut the cake and popped a piece into my mouth. Somehow, cakes make everything right.

It does, it really does.

With my man across the seven oceans at the moment, I need all my friends, all their love and of course all their cakes to keep life sweet.

Love you all. God bless!



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