Chocolate Pudding – Stove top recipe


Anything chocolate is a hit with kids. And this recipe is a proof of that.

My initial plan for dessert was a vanilla and chocolate layered pudding for my son’s birthday party, but I couldn’t get good quality transparent serving bowls in time.

So I decided to make just chocolate pudding and serve in silicon muffin moulds I had borrowed from my friend. Since there were a lot of other items too to eat, I thought this quantity was ok.

Yet I didn’t want to take a risk and made another batch of pudding as a back up.

And I was so glad I did. The kids asked for multiple fillings and the entire pudding, including the back up got over!

It was a true MasterCard ad moment : The happiness in my face…Priceless!


Recipe Source: Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding (All Recipes)


  • White sugar : 1/2 cup
  • Cocoa powder : 3tbsp (unsweetened)
  • Corn flour : 1/4 cup (or cornstarch)
  • Salt : a pinch
  • Milk : 2 3/4 cups
  • Butter : 2 tbsp, room temperature
  • Vanilla extract : 1 tsp


  1. Add sugar, cocoa, corn flour and salt into a thick bottomed sauce pan. Whisk to mix thoroughly.
  2. Add milk and whisk again, trying to get as many dry lumps out as possible.
  3. Now place this low – medium heat and bring it to a boil, stirring all the time.
  4. You are done when the mixture starts to thickly coat the back of the spoon used for stirring. Don’t over cook it.
  5. Take off the heat, add the butter and vanilla extract and mix. Let it cool completely and chill for an hour at least. You can serve this slightly warm as well, but I love the chilled version much better.
  6. Decorate as you like and serve. Sprinkles, chocolate strands, silver balls, grated/chopped chocolate, chocolate curls, whipped cream, fruits are all great.
  7. You can check out a very similar, but microwave version of the pudding in this post.

Note: You can adjust the amount of sugar to suit your taste. This was fine with me. You can add a bit more of milk if the consistency is too thick.



2 thoughts on “Chocolate Pudding – Stove top recipe

  1. Yummy! My mom used to make us chocolate pudding on the stove and I loved it and it provided such a great childhood memory for me! Thank you for sharing! I just used your recipe to make it with my girls this morning.


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