Welcome 2014

I am still amazed at how hours crawl by so slow, yet days and years fly by so fast.

Before I could even start my 2013 new year resolutions, the year is over! So I guess I will bury it right there and concentrate on 2014. But before that, here are some precious memories from the year that’s sailed past by.


Blogging Marathon #25 Meet!

Going to Ahmedabad, staying there for three days, meeting other BM members for the first time- yet getting on like we have known each other all our lives..those three days are really special! It was love for food and love for friendship coming together. Fun filled and three very very precious days of my life :-). And Vaishali, I can never thank you enough for your hospitality and warmth you extended to all of us!

I needed three whole lengthy posts to cover some of the details of the trip. You can read more about the meet in this, this, and this post and this whole different post about my luggage back.


My New DSLR – Canon 600D

I have always maintained that photographer matters more than the camera, but now – with a DSLR in my hand, I stand corrected. The photographer matters a lot – yes, but so does the camera. A good camera can do wonders to a picture.

With out the SLR camera, I don’t think my pictures would have made to the Taste spotting or Food gawker sites. Some of the pictures are taken with a P&S camera, yet SLR makes a lot of difference.


Onam 2013

I have never been a traditional kind of person. Life just moves on and I have stopped making efforts to make the festivals special. But this year, I took every effort to make Onam a special one.

A month long marathon posts covering as much as I could about Sadya – the traditional feast of Kerala, was a satisfying experience. Again, the push came from Valli and the Blogging Marathon group.


Onam 2013.


My son has started liking the cakes I bake now, it’s fondant time at my place! Angry birds, Cricket bat, Cricket cake, Ice cream cone cakes – everything gets done and everything gets appreciated for a change :-).

My breads have started coming out soft and decent too, thanks to Aparna’s We Knead to Bake group.


On a personal level, this year granted all of us health and happiness. Most importantly, it blessed me with a healthy positive attitude. I have learnt that there is only so much I can control and I am learning to leave the things I can’t do anything about…it brings something called peace of mind :-). Do your bit and leave the rest = Peace of mind to your piece of mind.

Bye bye 2013 – you have been good to me and my family :-). Welcome 2014 – I love you already :-).

I wish this year ahead brings everyone joy, health and satisfaction.

This post goes to Valli’s Best of 2013.

4 thoughts on “Welcome 2014

  1. Rajani, your posts are always so much fun to read and the clicks are so tempting. Good luck with everything in the new year.
    Here’s Wishing you and your family a very Happy, healthy & Prosperous New Year.


  2. That was a wonderful post to read Rajani, most posts you have mentioned here brings a smile remembering that time..Your Onam Sadya was the best!..All in all, it’s been a fantastic year reading you and your wit filled wonderful posts..and yes the person behind the camera has become more smart now..heheh..:)..Here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year…btw that bread looks so good, now have to check out the link, where is it?..:)


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