Olan – Sadya Recipes


It’s ironical that the letter ‘O’ was the first recipe that got completed for the Onam series. And its one of my favourite food and in this particular case, it’s one of my favourite pictures as well!

Olan is a must for a traditional Sadya, but again, if there is time or other constraints, it’s also one of the dishes that might get axed.  Olan is a mild tasting dish – it’s not spicy or sweet. My husband doesn’t like it much because of the lack of spice, but my son loves it for the same.


Dice some ash gourd and green chillies, add in some pumpkin and/or long bean (yard long variety)- if you like, cook these in thin coconut milk (even water would do if you don’t have coconut milk – not for sadya though!) and tip in the red beans or black eyes beans finally. You are done..almost. Now, add some coconut oil and close the lid…It tastes yum!

Scroll down for the detailed recipe…



  • Ash gourd      :           1 cup, dicd
  • Pumpkin        :            1 cup, diced (yellow pumpkin) (optional, can use only ash gourd only instead)
  • Red beans (Aduki beans) or black eyed beans :   1 cup
  • Coconut milk      :       1 cup, thin
  • Coconut milk      :        1/2 cup thick **
  • Green chillies      :        3-4
  • Coconut oil          :         2 tsp
  • Curry leaves        :         1 sprig

** I used ready made coconut milk


  1. Wash and soak the beans overnight. Pressure cook with sufficient water for about 3 whistles or until done, without getting mushy. Once done, keep aside.
  2. Wash and clean the vegetables. Peel and dice the ash gourd, pumpkin. Slice the chillies into two pieces vertically (that’s how I like it).
  3. Microwave uncovered for 6-7 minutes or until cooked. This can be done on stove top as well, with 1/4 cup of water added. Do not add too much water since the gourd itself will let out water while cooking. The vegetables should not be overcooked, they should retain their shape.
  4. Once the vegetables are almost cooked, add salt and add the thin coconut milk. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes. Add the cooked beans and cook for a couple of minutes more. Check the salt and adjust if its less.
  5. Add the thick coconut milk, mix and simmer for about 3-4 minutes. Keep an eye here, because coconut milk might split if its not your lucky day!!
  6. Turn off the gas, take off the heat and drizzle some coconut oil on top of this curry and add some torn curry leaves. Cover with a lid and let it soak in the flavours well.
  7. Serve with rice, as a side dish. It pairs well as a side, when kalan is the gravy for rice.


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18 thoughts on “Olan – Sadya Recipes

  1. I love ash gourd and I will surely love Olan. This is one mildly flavoured dish tha I will always remember my neighbour who place we used to eat as kids. Aunty had to make a big pot of Olan as we kids could not eat the rest of the stuff.


  2. I love this olan very very much mom keot saying to make this fro this alphabet but had no ash gourd with me so missed it. Nice to see a fellow blogger friend making this lovely recipe so yumm dear.


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