God’s Own Country – Kerala

The department of tourism promotes Kerala as ‘God’s Own Country’ and you have agree with them! It’s green everywhere, it rains there a lot, the weather is pleasant (except in summers, but we won’t talk about that :D), it’s just great being there!

No wonder Mahabali wants to visit us every year. I bet you, it’s better than heaven for him!

I wish I had some pictures to share with you all here, but this post was not planned properly. So to compensate, I have some beautiful pictures of my friend’s pookkalam(floral carpet).

I thought I will talk about the state a bit, with respect to Onam.

The first term of holidays start for Onam. It’s about ten days in total including the weekends, so it’s the time everyone tries to go to their native/to be with their parents & grand parents to celebrate Onam. It’s difficult getting train/bus or flight tickets during this time. For state govt. offices, it’s a four days holiday.

Onam celebrations start with Atham, ten days before Thiruonam. Onam is celebrated for four days – its goes like Onnam Onam (1st Onam), Thiruvonam (2nd onam – the main one), moonnam Onam (3rd Onam) and Naalam Onam (4th Onam).

They fall on the star signs – Uthradam, Thiruvonam, Avittam and Chathayam. Now, too many tongue twisters there, right :)?

The famous boat race happens during this time. A lot of cultural programs, dance and art forms like Pulikali (tiger dance), Thiruvathira Kali, kathakali all happen at around this time.

The main attraction is of course, the food – Sadya and onakkodi – new dress. Sadya starts on the first Onam in a simple manner and is at its best for the second or Thiruvonam and continues for the next two days till 4th Onam. the new dress or kodi is only for Thiruvonam,though.

The pookkalam or floral carpet is supposed to start off with a simpler design and gets bigger and grander by Thiruvonam. But now, I don’t think anybody follows these. But people are still particular about taking bath first and then laying out the pookkalam.

And once you start on Atham, you have to do continuously for all the ten days. you shouldn’t change your mind in between.

Now a days, it’s more about doing it than following all the traditional rules, so many a times you will find a pookkalam just on the day of Onam.

tomorrow I will be back with more info about Onam. Just seven more days to the big day :)!

Logo courtesy : Preeti

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19 thoughts on “God’s Own Country – Kerala

  1. Visiting Kerala is one on my bucket list. I hope we can make trip to god’s own country some time soon.
    Amazing post and beautiful clicks. I’m getting excited for Onam too and looking forward to your future posts :-)


  2. Yes , Kerala is a beautiful place. And you have to see the queue in the bus station here for the buses connecting to palakkad!It goes for miles, really!!! And this is a nice post and beautiful pics as well :)


  3. I do agree, yes Kerala is God’s own country when compared to Chennai’s hot weather, i love trivandrum weather;. Very fantastic post with details about onam..Beautiful pookolams.


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