ITC Grand Chola in B&W

ITC Grand Chola

I know this is April 2013, so let’s just say I am a bit late in posting this. Because this post should have appeared here at least 6 months back.

So all ready for pretend play?

Let’s rewind time to six months back. That would be November 2012.

Ok, a bit more rewinding. October end last year. Valli had sent across a mail to some of the Chennai bloggers regarding Indiblogger meet happening at the ITC Grand Chola.

ITC Grand Chola

I enrolled myself for the meet. Went to the venue on 27th. Met Valli, of course and Radhika of Tickling Palates and some other wonderful bloggers.

It was a fun meet. And there were lots of activities. The ITC staff walked us through the whole place and showed us the rooms, the restaurants, roof top swimming pool and all around.

We walked and walked until our legs ached…honestly! The place was that big.

ITC Grand Chola

Like I was telling my friend the other day, my camera obsession has decreased considerably now a days. So I had not even carried the camera to the event.


I won’t say I regretted not taking the camera, because I was pulling it off Radhika’s hand half the time :D, but yeah – a camera would have been good!

ITC Grand Chola

Before the meet got over, we were all given a gift voucher each. Mine was a voucher for dinner for two at Cafe Mercara, their 24 hour cafe.

When we went there a month later. This time I took my camera with me.

ITC Grand Chola

My camera obsession may have faded a bit, but I wasn’t going to let the opportunity go. I clicked to my heart’s content and these are all from that set of pictures.

We went there on our Wedding Anniversary and it was a nice experience.

ITC Grand Chola

A big beautiful chandelier, a cosy milk bar, wonderful interiors and arrangements, lots of cups and saucers and a camera in hand….What more can a food blogger ask for!!

The staff was courteous and the food was excellent and filling. At least for me, because my husband doesn’t agree with me there.

ITC Grand Chola

I had a good time at the meet as well as the dinner later. Thanks Indiblogger and ITC Grand Chola for the opportunity.

And thanks Valli for the timely reminder :-)

This post goes to Blogging Marathon 27, a month-long marathon this time. Its last week of BM and its time to relax and unwind after three continuous weeks of blogging.

ITC Grand Chola


14 thoughts on “ITC Grand Chola in B&W

  1. ITC Grand Chola has the potential to change the culinary landscape of Chennai with its half a dozen eateries. As of now, only three have opened – Café Mercara (coffee shop), Madras Pavilion (multi-cuisine buffet restaurant) and Peshawari. Not keen on the coffee shop and worried about carryover of Peshawari quality from the old Chola Sheraton, I chose Madras Pavilion for my lunch. (I bumped into Chef Manjit Gill of Bukhara fame during my lunch, who assured me that the Peshawari at Grand Chola has kitchen staff from Bukhara and would meet the same standards).


  2. Wow! Wow ! Wow! Yes , I would have repeated this again and again..Rajani, I know your clicks are amazing..but these are absolutely professional…loved all of them..and wondering, when I will be some where closer to you in this field…truly mind blowing pics…wonderful post, simply loved it.


  3. Yes very nice pictures Rajani, I completely forgot to share these pics. Yes this is when we met Nandini..:)..and guess what I completely forgot my gift coupon, it was the same for me as well..another gift coupon wasted..:(..anyway meeting you all was fun.


  4. Omg, breathtaking pictures Rajani,never had a chance to enter into this Grand chola, well i’ll plan a trip to India,hope you will take me there..:)


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