Manga Chammandi – A thick Chutney with Mango & Coconut

manga chammandi 

Summer is here and mangoes have started entering the kitchen in a small, but definite way.  In a matter of weeks, it will be mangoes all around (or may be it’s already there, I don’t venture out in the sun to find out!).

This is a chammandi, a very thick version of chutney – though not exactly the same. This will not pair with any of the tiffin items, its to be served with rice almost like a pickle. Its like thogayal of Tamil Nadu.

Its one of the simple comfort foods.

For train travels, these mostly get packed in ‘vaatiya ela’. Ie, in banana leaves wilted so that it won’t tear when you pack food. This is usually done by keeping the leaf like a lid on top of the cooked rice bowl or any hot surface. The heat will change the leaves’ color and you will find it bending without tearing.

The aroma of the food packed like that is so wonderful, it takes the taste to a whole new level!

The chammadi featured here was made specially for my mother by my father’s friend’s wife. Amma tells me that it tastes absolutely wonderful when uncle’s wife makes it. And I totally agree with her now.

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manga chammandi

Recipe Source: Appa’s friend

Serves:    3-4 


  • Raw Mango     :       1
  • Coconut           :       1 cup
  • Small onions  :      8-10, peeled
  • Green Chilli    :     1
  • Red Chilli Powder :  1/2 tsp (need to add after taste test)
  • Curry leaves    :    1-2
  • Salt


  1. Wash, peel and dice the mango. Discard the seed.
  2. Grind everything in a mixie jar without adding water. If it doesn’t blend, add water in tablespoons and stop adding once it’s ground properly and has come together. It shouldn’t be a very smooth watery paste.
  3. Check the taste. Depending on the sourness of mango, you might have to add a bit more of salt or chilli powder or couple more onions.
  4. Serve as a pickle like side with rice or mix with rice as a podi.


This is a very basic recipe and it varies from house to house. Some add only red chillies for grind, some add a mix of both red and green chillies. Sometimes a pinch of jeera or a piece of ginger is also added while grinding.

You can substitute a tsp of tamarind for mango. It will be a simple onion chammandi then.

manga chammandi


18 thoughts on “Manga Chammandi – A thick Chutney with Mango & Coconut

  1. The first click is so beautiful Rajani. I too love the flavor inparted by the banana leaf on the food stuff it is packed with.Enjoyed reading this post:)


  2. Super comforting :-) n I love that contrast of the colours … Almost like a silk sari isn’t it ?? :-)


    1. This has coconut, so life is not that much. But if you keep in fridge it stays good for 3-4 days. And yes, its a standard item for ‘pothi choru’ (rice that you pack for travel).


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