Apple Dates Milkshake

apple date milkshake
My morning is noon for rest of the world. It’s better to have lunch than breakfast at that time. Yet, every single day, my father prepares breakfast for me. I think that’s what you call as optimistic attitude…

Anyway, I have told him not to make anything for me in the mornings. If I am too hungry, I make a quick milkshake for myself. And this particular milkshake has a speciality – its been in my bookmark list for a really long time.

Unfortunately, I was a bit let down by the taste of this milkshake, but I told myself it’s healthy and that’s more important. So in case you are ready to brave a healthy milkshake, go ahead and make these. Add a scoop of ice cream or a bar of chocolate while blending to make it much more tasty and totally sinful!

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apple date milkshake

Recipe Source: Ramya’s Recipes

  • Apple. : 1 big
  • dates. : 5-6
  • sugar/honey, optional
  • milk. : 1 cup


  • Soak deseeded dates in half cup warm water for ten minutes.
  • Core and dice the apple and blend with the soaked dates, milk and sugar or honey.
  • Serve chilled. Makes one really big glass.

apple date milkshake

This recipe is off to Swathi’s Favorite Recipes. This month’s host is Pallavi and the theme is Bookmarked Recipes.


16 thoughts on “Apple Dates Milkshake

  1. I go with banana – MTR badam mix and dates usually. That really tastes good and was guessing it would be the same with apples as well. Am surprised with your input.


  2. Your father is so sweet Rajani:).
    And I assumed to title to be Banana dates and then read your comment on the taste.Went back up to check! I agree chocolate adds a better flavor to the shake….


  3. So sweet of your father..I am sure you had it because he was doing it right..that’s surely a healthy smoothie..dates has this tendency to disappoint at times..but since it’s loaded we must ignore..:)..nice picture..


  4. well..talking of milk and healthy food..I am far from it…but surely this is a healthy combo and best for all…and let me tell you Father’s ..they are adorable and their love…no words to speak…..


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