Pazham Pori- Banana Fritters

The mail came sometime in December with a request for response within two weeks. And I replied almost two months later, that too after getting a reminder.

I am talking about the mail from Pallavi, who blogs at Cook-Eat-Burrrp regarding this space being featured in her series ‘Beyond the URL‘.

Yeah, you read it right. This space( ie, My Kitchen Trials) being featured in her space!!

First I thought it was spam, then I decided it was a mistake. But still,the mail took my vanity to a whole new level. Coming to think of it, I don’t think I even sent a proper response to her mail, I was that shocked!

Soon, I started pondering over the questionnaire. “Tell us something about yourself”, it read. And I wrote “My name is Rajani”.

So, now you know why I took two months to finish off the entire thing! It was ‘one word a day’ for a long time :-).

In case you are interested in reading the whole (errrr…..) interview (I can’t believe it even now!!Really!), head out to Pallavi’s space and read it at leisure.

I am serving ‘Beyond the URL’ along with a plate of Pazham pori, something you can never say ‘No’ to! Check out the recipe and the link when you have time. And check out the Blogging Marathon page to know what other participants are doing!


  • Ripe bananas. : 2
  • Maida(AP flour) : 1 cup
  • Sugar. : 2 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder : 1/4 tsp
  • Oil. : to deep fry

For this recipe, the nendran variety of bananas are used. And the riper it is(without being mushy), the better.

Prepare the batter first. Mix the flour, sugar, turmeric powder with a pinch of salt. Add about a cup of water and make a batter which is a bit thinner than idly batter or cake batter consistency.

The batter should coat the banana slices without falling off totally. You might have to add a bit more of water if the batter is thick or a bit of flour if it is too thin.

Heat oil for deep-frying.

Peel and cut the banana into two. Cut each piece lengthwise into four pieces. So totally, you will have 8 thin, kind of rectangular, pieces.

Dip one sliced piece in the prepared batter and deep fry till golden. Repeat with other pieces.

Serve hot with a steaming cup of tea.



13 thoughts on “Pazham Pori- Banana Fritters

  1. I have never liked these.. But its been a long time so i think I can give this one more try. :) By the way your interview was amazing. Just like Valli mentioned you are funny! :)


  2. You are so funny! I read her post on your space like 2 months back, when Archana told me that your interview was so good..and now you mention!..but you are funny..anyway I can never say no to pazham pori, that’s one of my can ask which is not…all fried dishes are!


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