Kiddo’s annual summer vacation started last Wednesday. And the very next day, I packed my bags, dumped in all of kiddo’s toys in it and headed home.

My brother, SIL and my two-year old niece, Bhagus, were already here when I reached. Kiddo was really looking forward to playing with Bhagus and has been talking only about her for the past one week.

Bhagus was also looking for ‘anna…anna…anna..’ in the whole house from the day she came.

So happiness was in the air when these two met. A lot of hugging, kissing, excitement and offering of toys to each other happened.

Exactly an hour later, kiddo came to me and said:”I don’t want Bhagus for my cousin!”. I could hear a faint:”Anna docha venda” (translated by her mom as: Don’t give dosa to anna”), sound from the kitchen.

And so the summer vacation started. At moment there is a break since my niece has left for Bangalore. I am looking forward to the events that will take place when she will be back a month later.

Coming to the recipe here, its Patra(or Paatra), an anytime snack  made with gram flour and colocasia leaves. This post is under the traditional recipes for Blogging Marathon 27. Check out the others here at the Blogging Marathon page.


Recipe Source: Ribbon’s To Pasta’s

Serves :    4 – 6


    • Colocasia leaves         :        4
    • Gram flour (besan)   :       1 cup
    • Chilli Ginger paste.  : 1/2 tsp
    • Chili powder             : 1/2 tsp
    • Jaggery                      : 1/2 cup
    • Tamarind                  : 2-3 tbsp


  • Prepare the leaves first. Wash the leaves thoroughly and then carefully slice off thick veins, if any,on the backside of the leaf. Make sure not to tear the leaf while doing this.
  • Mix everything except the leaves in a big bowl and add water to make a thick paste. Add salt to taste.
  • The paste should not be runny, it should be of a dosa batter or cake batter consistency.
  • Apply this paste on the backside of the colocasia leaves. You have to fold both the sides by two inches to the centre. Fold two inches from the top. Then roll the leaf into a tight roll, like a Swiss roll.
  • Steam for about 8-10minutes till done. Once its cool, slice these. Prepare a tadka of curry leaves, mustard leaves and sesame seeds in about a tablespoon of oil. Add this to the sliced paatra and serve.



12 thoughts on “Patra

  1. I am doing the same thing as you. As soon as my kids are done with their school next month, I am headed to India for a 2 month long break. :)
    My MIL had this plant and we had no idea that we can cook with it. We used it as an ornamental plant instead. lol
    Somehow I always thought it was a complicated dish Looks great..


  2. Haha…I can remember when vibha would say this:-)…Now they are all so grown up.
    Do we get these leaves in chennai?…I would love to make this…look so yumm


  3. Ya. It’s always fun to see how kids play for a minute and fight the very next minute. So much innocence in their trivial fights.
    Patra looks amazing.


  4. wow 2 months long vacation , it has become a thing of past now, dont think shlok will get to enjoy that phase considering his holidays are broken in 2 parts , patras are very well made indeed


  5. well vacations are interesting..I remember when my SIL..’S used to come with their kids…and now when both my daughter’s com in ..I can visualize the scene:))….these are called FUN TIMES!!..and thanks for trying paatra..hope you enjoyed them:)


  6. hahhah..I can image how interesting when your niece gets back..however being friends and no more friends is part of the whole parcel…imagine years back during summer vacation I ended up manning 6 of them! are lucky…Patra looks so good, wish I had got the leaves myself to experiment. must have tasted awesome..


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