Caramel Pie Shooters


The clicking of the clock is something that cannot be stopped. Minutes, hours, days, months and years pass by -with us enjoying and savoring every bit of time that’s gifted to us in this planet.

We note down the dates important to us in our hearts, and celebrate it with the ones we love.

So, please join me in celebrating my little space’s second birthday. My Kitchen Trials turned two yesterday. I wouldn’t be here if not for all your support (I mean it!).

And a special thanks to Valli and my dear blogging marathoners for all the support and love you have shown to my space. You gals rock!!


Now that I am in a full speech mood, I can as well brag a bit about this space (please I deserve it. Its, after all, my blog birthday!).

This place touch 1 Lakh page views last December. And no, it doesn’t count my views. Then it would have been 10 Lakhs, by now!!

Sometime back, I had entered a give away for 10 people. There were totally 11 comments, including mine. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised when my name wasn’t there in the chosen ten. That’s my luckiness quotient!

So imagine my surprise, when I won a giveaway at Nitya’s space this year beginning. It was a first for me and I was thrilled to bits. Kettle Teahouse sent across a beautiful glass kettle and a pouch of green tea. I stare at it, mesmerized everyday, hardly believing my luck! Thanks Nitya and the staff @ Kettle :-)

So in short, there is a lot to celebrate. I wanted to make something different and more grand, but finally chose something simple yet tasty!

These are pie in a glass. Perfect if you want bite sized portion or if you don’t want to bake in this hot summer. Its easy to put together and would get you a lot of appreciation if served in a party.


Recipe Source : Far too many sources from the net to note down just one

Makes:  3 small servings



  1. Immerse the condensed milk can (remove plastic lid, if any) completely in water in a pressure cooker. I make it lie down. Pressure cook this till the first whistle.
  2. Lower the heat and cook for another 20 minutes. Switch off the gas, and once the pressure is released, take the can out of the water. Let it cool. The most wonderful caramel in this world is ready – Dulce De Leche!
  3. Powder the biscuits and butter in a mixer till you it comes to ‘wet sand’ texture.
  4. Press this down in a glass to form the base. Add a layer of the caramel on top of this. If the caramel is too thick, mix nicely with a spoon till its loosened a bit.
  5. Top this with a biscuit layer and crown with a spoon of whipped cream. Decorate with chocolate shavings or the biscuit mix or chocolate squares.

Note: This can be prepared ahead and refrigerated. You can form as many layers as you want depending on the height of the serving glass. Mine was small, so this amount was sufficient.


This recipe is part of the 30 day Blogging Marathon for this month. Check out other participants here in the Blogging Marathon page.


23 thoughts on “Caramel Pie Shooters

  1. A lakh hits, an award, a giveaway all in two years great. Even greater, you make dulce de leche at home!!! It was a david lebovitz post on this that really got me into blogging!


  2. Congratulations Rajni! Happy Birthday to your blog. Lovely way to celebrate the happiness. It may be a cliche now still, amazing clicks. Nicely done! Well written post!


  3. Congrats Rajani. I am still admiring that first click. As usual enjoyed reading your write up.
    This is such a simple recipe but looks so sophisticated and sure to wow everyone.


  4. Congratulations! Congratulations and Congratulations…yes ..loads of wishes for blog anniversary…loads of wishes on winning that prize and loads of wishes for that amazing shot…I think you could have joined my nephew on the Mission Covershot., the photography contest.truly..the dessert looks mind blowing, loved it.and so well captured…..


  5. hey appy budday…my blog turns two next week too, and btw the recipe is also called banoffee pie if you add banana slices to it, it is in my month long recipe list, fitted somwhere


  6. Congrats Rajani.. This recipe is awesome.. actually more than the recipe, the photo.. well clicked.. as many have already told you, I totally love reading your writeup.. Its always funny and interesting to read. Keep blogging.. and oh, looking forward to all the amazing recipes this month.. month long marathon sounds yummmm


  7. Happy Birthday Bloggy baby and I am sure Mamma is proud with your achievements. She is after all the guiding hand. Please congratulate her.
    Also tell her I am drooling at the sight of this pie and will love to eat it soon. Will be better if she parceled some to me.

    Jokes apart Rajani this is awesome. CONGRATULATIONS!


  8. Happy blogoversary :) Keep inspiring. I love the glasses cant wait to add them to my kitchen. As far as the recipe goes… it stole my heart.


  9. Congrats and happy birthday to ur blog baby..Keep on rocking Rajani..These cute shooters looks fabulous,a prefect dessert for the celebration.


  10. I love this concept & amazing pictures. I made banoffee pie yesterday & its similar to what you have made here with just an addition of bananas in mine.:) Your pots look very pretty & stylish!


  11. Rajani, you really crack me up!..I am really so glad you have taken up to writing non stop, so I get my dose of joy from your writing….Happy Birthday to your dear blog, you know I love this space, be it your writing, your humour and your pictures..all are classics..and I love this dessert! Can’t imagine it only takes that handful of ingredients to get this done..and set up is the black well taken..:)..


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