Goan Style Coconut Rice


After taking a break from last week’s Blogging Marathon, I am now back with ‘Recipes from Goa’ this week.

I was out of ideas for this theme and I tried Priya’s Goan Egg Drop curry first. I made the gravy, I dropped the eggs in the gravy and I went on mixing it. So it finally became an egg burji (scrambled egg) curry. It tasted really good, even if it wasn’t really photogenic.

The next trial was Pradnya’s Coconut rice. Now this, though it tasted good and had a wonderful aroma, turned out to be a bit oily for me. I have no idea where I messed it up this time! But yet, this is a simple recipe to prepare and had this nice and mild flavor of coconut milk. It would pair really well with any spicy curry.  Its a good lunch box recipe without any overwhelming flavors.

So here it is, a simple coconut rice from the State of Goa, served for the third week of Blogging Marathon. Check out this page for entrees from other participating bloggers.


Recipe Source: The Pumpkin Farm

Serves:  2


  • Basmati Rice                                       :       1 cup
  • Coconut Milk                                      :       2 cups
  • Cinnamon                                             :       1″ piece
  • Cloves                                                    :       2
  • Onion                                                     :        1, sliced thin
  • Cashews                                                :        1 tbsp
  • Whole black pepper                        :        1 tsp
  • Oil                                                            :        1 tbsp


  1. Wash and clean the rice. Soak it and leave it aside for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, add the cashews, cloves, cinnamon, pepper. Stir fry for a minute till the cashews turn brown. Brown, not black!!
  3. Add the onions and saute till pink. Drain the rice and add to the onion mix and fry for a minute or two.
  4. Add coconut milk, stirring all the while and cover and cook till rice is done. I usually move it to a rice cooker at this stage.
  5. Serve with any spicy side dish.



22 thoughts on “Goan Style Coconut Rice

  1. This is the second coconut rice for today,saw the recipe in Gayathri’s blog…looks tempting and an easy to make one pot meal…the rice got a lovely color..


  2. Just crossed a coconut rice at Gayathri’s space too, love the pleasant colour of this rice, oh no egg burji, actually you should mix the eggs Rajani,however thanks for trying.


  3. Just now saw another version of this rice in Gayathri’s blog! This sounds delicious as well.I too am doing this theme but I never found this rice when I was searching for Goan recipes!


  4. Coconut rice seems to be the fav of a lot of veggie bloggers in this Goan theme :-) simple and nice one pot meal.. clean and lovely pics as usual, Rajani…


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