BM 25 Meet – Day II : Gala Masti


If I thought Day 1 of BM 25 Meet was brilliant, it was only because Day 2 hadn’t dawned yet. This is what we woke up to, on Day 2 morning(Refer picture above, please!).

Well, not really…I woke up scaring myself in front of the mirror, but then after a quick bath and wearing our color for the day (white) dress, I was perfectly late and absolutely ready to join everyone for a trip to Sabarmati river side.


The day just got better and better with the purchase of fresh fennel from a roadside cart vendor, chocolate making session by Vaishali’s friend Ruchi and a heavy duty tasty Gujarati breakfast.

IMG_6146 - Copy
Picture Courtesy : Kamalika

Ruchi made chocolate making seem so easy to do (which it isn’t) and the best part was that we got to eat what she made :D.

And the ‘chocolate rain’ was good too!

IMG_6168 - Copy
Picture Courtesy : Kamalika

Before the thrill of chocolate demo got over, Vaishali took us to the bakery outlet Cream N Crunch, run by a friend of hers. Now with comic strips wall papers all over the place and the food displayed in hanging shelves, Cream N Crunch is a place with really interesting interiors.

chocolate fans
Picture Courtesy : Nandini

What was more interesting than their deco, was their cake decorations!

And we were lucky to see the staff in action. We saw black forest cake, pineapple cake, orange cake all being decorated. We saw 15 kilos of chocolate ganache, they demonstrated the making of chocolate cigars and chocolate fans, edible decorations (an elephant) for cake, roses and flowers with cream and what not!

chocolate cigars
Picture Courtesy : Nandini

And with so much food around us, we were hungry again. So off we went to gorge on a scrumptous Gujarati Thali. I enjoyed every morsel of food I bit into.

Again, shopping seemed the best way to burn off the calories and Vaishali took us to Sanskruti, a shop where you get a first hand feel of how we ladies shop. I was sleepy, tired and too full of food. Yet, I sat with everyone, made the sales person show me every possible color under the sun and bought a couple of dress materials.IMG_6469 - Copy

Vaishali informed us that it was barbeque dinner and that we need to be ready on time. (We never were, you know). And with the traditional wear dress code, it was a great thing that we were ready on time (well, almost!).

It was a huge surprise for all of us when Vaishali took us to her house and not to any restaurant for dinner. She took us through her home, and everything there seemed to match her personality.

A beautiful house, decorated in a very classy simple style . There was attention to detail and this personal touch to each and everything in there, which made her home so beautiful!

The house was lit up with candles and her whole family had put in so much effort to make us feel so special and so much at home. I don’t think I can describe here how nice they were to us, because the hospitality the whole family extended towards us, is beyond what words can describe.

I guess off the three days I spent in Ahmedabad, I liked this evening the best. Sitting under the stars, relaxing and talking with each other. Wish we could spend some more time like that!

And then when I looked up at the stars and the constellations, I thought of my son who must have been looking at the same constellation, from our home. I was enjoying this a lot, but I was beginning to miss home too :-).


Will write about Day 3 events tomorrow!


12 thoughts on “BM 25 Meet – Day II : Gala Masti

  1. Eye pleasing clicks Rajani, after seeing all ur posts, seriously i dont mind to make a move to India to have an another meet like this,hope valli will plan something like this for the 50th BM:)..


  2. Ok so this is what I forgot! the late afternoon shopping, I was racking my brains for what we did..gosh I wonder why I thought we did that on Sunday!..thanks Rajani..will update my post…and yes I loved the way you have written this again..:)


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