Vegetable Stuffed Naan


‘You will forget, Mommy! I will write it in a paper and give it to you.’ That’s kiddo’s dialogue now a days. I guess thats his way of accepting that I have a pathetic memory!

So when kiddo and hubby sat together and made the dinner list for the week, they put it down on a paper, so that ‘Mommy won’t forget!’ (The list hasn’t helped much, but we are still trying to make him eat.)

For Thursday, its dosa per the list, but I served him rice and dal. Kiddo, who now checks before he eats,  took his school ID card – checked his dad’s number from there and called him.

Imagine my embarassment and my hubby’s surprise when he gets a call from kiddo, saying :’Mommy is not making me the dish from the list. She has forgotten to check it again, Daddy!’.

A minute after the call, I was back to where I was the week before. Making dosas, and serving them hot.

And I am doing the same in the blog. Serving you the same naan I made a week back, for the Restaurant theme. For this week’s Blogging Marathon, I have chosen ‘Stuffed Bread’ as the theme. And the naan fits the bill well :)

I modified the recipe at Experiments at Kailas Kitchen.  I added 3-4 tbsp of yogurt and used all purpose flour for the naan. I added some crushed garlic too to the dough. I will update the recipe here later.

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for more recipes and more themes.



7 thoughts on “Vegetable Stuffed Naan

  1. your son to catch you!..I used to have the list as well and same thing used to happen. I convinced my daughter after a while that the list is more to make me sane than anything else…lovely naan and the stuffing sounds good..


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