Happy New Year!

My niece playing in sand

My niece playing in sand

Four days into 2013 and my new year resolutions are already under a third review! I don’t usually make resolutions nor I share them with others; but this time weight loss being the target, I thought it best to say it out aloud.

I started off with a definite weight loss target initially. Then slowly it got switched it to ‘Eat sensibly and Exercise more’. And now it’s only ‘Exercise for a better life’. In case I really get around shedding some kilos, I will let you all know :D.

The good thing is that I get to reintroduce my resolutions again in March as Birthday Resolutions. Well, this blog was born as a result of such a resolution in 2011, so lets hope I will see this one through too!

Happy New Year and Happy New Resolutions!

This post is off to Fifty-2 Weeks of 2013 by Sra and Aparna. This week’s theme is ‘New Year Resolutions’.