Carrot Watermelon Juice

Breakfasts are simple affairs at my place. The menu is fixed. Cornflakes, on weekdays.

And on weekends, guess what – its Corn Flakes again! That’s because I wake up pretty late, and hubby and kiddo know its  better to rely on corn flakes, than on me to wake up and prepare breakfast for them.

For a change, they switch their types on weekends. Hubby has strawberry or chocolate corn flakes and the kid has bran or  oats type. So the problem of variety (in my opinion, at least) is solved.

I have half heartedly tried the usual idli/dosa breakfasts, but hubby and kiddo prefer to run on a light, liquid breakfast than on something heavy or oily. So cereals is more of their choice than of mine.

So for the second week of Blogging Marathon 20, when I chose Low Fat or Low Calorie breakfast, I had no idea what to feature here. I can’t present you cereals in a bowl three days in a row, so I thought of smoothies or juices for Day One.

Check out many more recipes and more varieties here at the Blogging Marathon page.

Inspired From : Healthy Breakfast Juice Recipes

Makes 2 glasses


  • Watermelon                 :             1/2 of a small one (about 3 cups, when cubed)
  • Carrots                            :             2 big


  1. Wash, clean and peel the carrots and cut the watermelon into cubes.
  2. Run them through a juicer, if you have one. Or blend them in a mixer and strain it to get the juice.
  3. Try adding black salt/mint/sugar or  ginger for additional flavoring.


14 thoughts on “Carrot Watermelon Juice

    1. love this post,but do we really need to remove the seed from the water melon.
      some people said the combination is good for man power how true is this.


  1. Lol imagine saying I have only cereals to offer you all three days as that’s only what I love eating!..:)..on the other hand I love that juice with carrot and watermelon, esp those flowers are so cute!


  2. You must be very lucky….cereal for breakfast doesn’t gel well with my hubby. He needs dosa/idli or any ‘prepared’ breakfast . Coming to your recipe, the juice combo of carrot and watermelon is one of a kind and love the color of the juice…so tempting, I’m sure gonna try one of these days.


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