Chocolate Blunder

I have lost the words.

I have lost the rhythm.

I have even lost the recipe here – which is a good thing, actually.

If you are wondering why – the halwa (well, that’s what I was trying to make) turned out to be sticky. It ended up giving a good exercise for my jaws. It had me chewing and sent me to a contemplative mood for a long time.

The only saving grace was that chocolate, being chocolate, tasted good the entire half an hour it was in my mouth. So there is no way I am going to share my version of the recipe. I might have people cook from here and serve it when I visit them!

You can check out the original recipe here, for a blunder-free version.

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10 thoughts on “Chocolate Blunder

  1. CooL Lassie says:

    Hmm…They do look like hard candies! And blunder or not, they do look tempting! But I wouldn’t try this for many reasons…mainly because i don’t want my mind to wander, wonder and worry why my life is a blunder.. LoL.


  2. pumpkinfarmfood says:

    they dont seem that sticky here…but if u insist…wonder what can go wrong with chocolate…i have learnt not to announce the end dish’s name when trying new things…at home….i usually cover up saying this is what i wanted to make


  3. Srivalli says:

    Oh my god that’s funny!..I must say you did a great job in giving your jaws a much needed exercise..:)) you said chocolates in any form is still tasty! sad it didn’t turn out as expected..that’s one recipe that always comes out fine..


  4. Pavani says:

    LOL.. extremely fun post Rajani… Clicks are amazing and the balls look perfect — can’t even tell that one had to endure long lasting chocolate in your mouth :-)


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