The Blogging Marathon has brought in so many new aspects into my life. Not to mention exposure to a different cuisines, it has also brought in wonderful things like great friends, super women, food photography techniques, ‘gyan’ (knowledge) sharing and of course, great recipes.

Why, because of BM, I even learnt that water retention in our body is more in the morning than in the evening! Kudos to the BM girls, you really rock!

I would never  have known about Aamras, if not for blogging. Here in South, Mangoes cost a bomb and we usually have it as such and never bother to ‘make something’ out of it. We make pickles with raw mangoes. Ripe mangoes are used in an occasional pachadi or morkuzhambu – else we just cut them into cubes and have it as such.

Times are changing and the cost factor is not deterring many from buying fruits now. Anyway during this time, mangoes are (comparatively) cheaper.

So for this BM, I made Aamras and I totally LOVED it. Who can resist mango in a cup, that too chilled? Check it out for yourself.


  • Ripe Mango                                    :         2 big
  • Sugar                                                 :         1/3 cup,  vary this depending on the sweetness of mangoes.
  • Milk                                                   :         1/2 cup (optional)
  • Cardamom Powder                     :         1/4 tsp (optional)


  1. Wash and keep the mangoes immersed in water for 2 hours.
  2. Peel and dice the flesh. Blend it with sugar, milk and cardamom (if using).
  3. The mangoes were slightly tart for me, so I had to add some more sugar.  I didn’t add milk & cardamom.
  4. Chill it for two hours at least and serve with puri/chapati or eat it as such.
  5. The traditional method involves squeezing the flesh out with your hands, but the mango seed just burst out for me, so I made this in the mixie.

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11 thoughts on “Aamras

  1. I love BM too Rajani…if not for BM I wouldn’t have known many things …..aamras looks fantastic …love the first click ….did you fold the napkin below the plate? Nice idea …good one.


  2. Cant give up BM too, i missed twice and really felt bad for not participating those interesting discussions, Aamras looks absolutely marvellous..


  3. u telling me the attractions of BM…well even I have made some fab friends and I seriously wish to meet them some day!..I know the BM friends r much much younger to me..but I still love them in my own special way.
    Truly said…BM rocks!! and
    .Aam ras..is absolutely rocking with that garnish!!


  4. Dear Rajani, you totally rock ok..and love how much you love BM..:)..my gain right…and yes I love Aamras..though as you say most times mangoes vanish as such at home!


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