Beach style Chundal

Summer means a lot of things. Heat. Vacation. Sweat. No cooking.

But the most important is, of course, the visit to the beach – and the simple pleasures associated with it.

Picking up shells was a favorite pass time of the past. I don’t do it anymore, because you end up picking more plastic spoons and bottle caps than the actual shells. Half immersed in the sand, they look exactly like those elusive shells.

I sometimes wonder what we are leaving behind for our children!

But then I look at the chundalwala and his cart full of colorful interesting assortments, my mind comes back to its peaceful state. The cart will have raw mangoes wedges, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, whole chillies and what not! The vegetables are chopped very finely and kept in different vessels. You will have a peanuts boiled with salt in a huge heap in a very big flat basin.

He makes it even more interesting by picking a teaspoon of each and the peanuts, and mixing it all in a vessel reserved exclusively for mixing.

And  in the finale act, comes the paper cone. There is something totally satisfactory about munching your chundal from that paper cone, made of old news papers. May be it takes me back to the childhood days when life was simple and happy, without the worries of a grown up.

So let me start off the Blogging Marathon 16 with something that cannot be called as a ‘recipe’. Its a mix and match of a bunch of things, topped with memories and served with love….. in a paper cone – of course.


  • Boiled peanuts                :            1 cup
  • Chopped Raw mango   :            1 -2 tbsp
  • Chopped tomato            :            1 tbsp
  • Chopped cucumber      :             1 tbsp
  • Chopped Onions            :             1 tbsp
  • Lemon juice                     :             a dash
  • Salt & Chili powder mix  :        Mix 1 tsp of each in a small bowl and take the req amount from there. You can add 1/2 tsp of chat masala too, if you wish


  1. In a separate bowl, mix everything together, except salt and lemon juice. Shake them well and mix thoroughly.
  2. Add lemon juice, salt & chili powder mix. Taste and season according to your preference. Serve in a paper cone.
  3. For the mango wedges, cut them as shown in the picture and eat them with the salt – chilli powder – chat masala mix. Its yummy! You can have mango wedges, cucumber slices and pineapple slices too this way.

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17 thoughts on “Beach style Chundal

  1. well beach or no beach this is so tempting!!…lovely clicks n super presentation!!…love the way u have patiently made those slits in the mango..n the masala…m..m..mouthwatering!!


  2. Now have to make this.. i am drooling here. I do not have mango.. but will still make a peanut sundal. its not the same without mango though


  3. what an interesting snack – would def. like to make this one! now mango season is coming upon us – there’s always a few on hand in my house


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